JD and The Straight Shot performed last night at The Florida Theater to a packed house.  The band is composed of Jim Dolan, lead singer and songwriter, guitarist Marc Copely (Rosanne Cash, McCrary Sisters, Billy Squier), guitarist Aidan Dolan; Kentucky-born bassist Byron House (Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris) and violinist Erin Slaver (Rod Stewart, Trace Adkins, Martina McBride), and is a mix of blues, rock, country and a hint of New Orleans.

They opened their set with the bluesy Empty and immediately were a hit with the audience, followed by Violet’s Song, a ballad written by Jim Dolan for the movie August: Osage County. Perdition, written for a very dark western movie Jane Got A Gun, was pure country.  Jim Dolan is the ultimate story-teller with his songs such as Don’t Waste My Time  and Better Find A Church.  For the band’s title song to their latest album, Ballyhoo, Jim Dolan donned top hat, glasses and a scarf to become the circus barker.  Meanwhile Erin Slaver and Marc Copely performed a fantastic duel between violin and guitar during Ballyhoo.

Let It Roll ended the set and the band was rewarded by loud applause from a very appreciative audience.


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