[Concert Review & Gallery] Silver Snake takes a bit out of Shaka’s in Virginia Beach !!

As the masses start to appear from the parking lot. The door man shouts have your tickets and ID ready unless you like standing out in the cold. A steady flow of people fill the once empty venue of Shakas in Virginia Beach. You can tell by the noise level rising how packed the venue was getting.  Silver Snakes an alternative rock band with a dash of electronica from L.A. On tour with there latest release “Saboteur” You will find yourself immersed in powerful riffs and lyrics from political issues to religious practices. A few of my favorites off this album are Electricity, Raindance, Fire cloud and Red wolf.  You get a sense that there is more to come from this cutting edge band.


Check this band out!!


Silver Snakes

Members: Alex Estrada (Lead Vocal, guitar), Jeremiah Bignell (Bass), Daniel Pouliot (Drums) and Mike Trujillo (Guitar)


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