[International Music] DEBUNKER – “The Invisible Disorder”

1Debunker is an Incorporative Thrash Metal band out of Oporto, Portugal. Founded in 2011, the five-piece lineup features Paulo Rodrigues on lead vocals, Miguel Vaquero and Carlos Barros on guitars, Joaquim Teixeira on bass and Ricardo Teixeira on drums.

Originally conceived as a Thrash Revival band, they adopted a fast, aggressive and passionate approach that quickly metamorphosed as they incorporated influences from different types of metal as well as other musical genres, ultimately emerging as its own unique musical identity. Its base ambiance is Thrash, but by introducing emotional shifts, layers of color, melody and brightness into the mix, Incorporative Thrash Metal was born: deviant styles, united into one expression, born of the myriad of metal’s manifestations and the vast repertoire of the band’s influences. Remaining true to the sounds and perspectives that each member brings to the band, they approach their art as a work in progress, and are inspired by a genuine passion for metal as well as the alchemy of what they create.

Finally, the lyrics are essential to the Debunking process. If the purpose of music is to feed the soul, then merging it with a lyric allows us to embrace it more fully. With subject matter that delves into perspectives on human nature as well as the broader questions posed by philosophy and science, Paulo’s passionate delivery imbues every song with raw intensity, power and brutal honesty. Their debut EP, The Invisible Disorder, was released in December 2015, and 2016 will see the band promoting it with live shows in and around Oporto.

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 Label:  Self-Released
 Release Date December 19, 2015
 Genre:  Incorporative Thrash Metal
 Country:  Portugal
 Running Time:   20 minutes
 Line Up:
Paulo Rodrigues (lead vocals)
Miguel Vaquero (guitars)
Carlos Barros (guitars)
Joaquim Teixeira (bass)
Ricardo Teixeira (drums)



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