[Album Review] Adelitas Way Creates Amazing “Gateway” with New Album



Adelitas Way is a band that has worked hard for their success, with their fourth record “Gateway”, the evidence is there. Adelitas Way has always continued to evolve with all of their previous albums; they would make music that sounded different than the last album while maintaining a steady root to their original sound. “Gateway” is an evolution for sure, but with a lot more attitude. This album is the first real rock album of 2016!

The album starts off with the first single from the album titled “Bad Reputation” which has climbed the active rock charts and is a very good start for the content of the album. “Gateway” is full of grunge, groove, and rock music the entire record. There’s not a thing that should be taken away from the album. Musically, “Gateway” is a grooving, grungy, and pure rock album. ‘Low”, “Put You in Place”, and “The Good Die Young” are just pure rock n’ roll. “I Get Around” and “Filthy Heart” are the more groovy jams on the record. Lyrically, this album matches the attitude. Rick DeJesus is a mastermind lyrically and is an amazing vocalist. This is by far the most creative the band has ever gotten on a record.

Overall, this album is a blast to listen to no matter what the event consist of. It has something for everyone and explores several different styles of rock in 11 songs. “Gateway” is an album that will be talked about all year and it was a wonderful place to set the bar for other bands to reach. Adelitas Way have returned in a very big way.

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