[Interview] Michael of The Aesthetic talks new EP ” Abandoned Homes” Coming out March 4th !

Interviewer Bryan Corder – Jacksonville Fl.-
Michael from The Aesthetic was gracious to site down and answer a few questions about this new venture in music. and how The Aesthetic’s came about with Zac, as well as a little insight about what the New EP ” Abandoned Homes” is all about.
First off, I would like to thank Michael for taking time out of his schedule to answer out questions !
Our first questions to Michael was “I see the band is fairly new, Can you tell me a little background of the band and the members of the band and their rolls?”

As of right now we are a writing force of Zac Monte (Pravitas Studios/Reformers of Mediaskare) with the music and Michael Neil on vocals (Projections from Seattle, WA)

I, Michael, had been wanting to play something much more mellow and melodic than the metal bands I had been in previously. It was at that point that I got ahold of a good friend, Zac. We discussed what the hopes were for the project and then Zac got to work on the instrumental portions of the EP. Months later he traveled from the Bay Area to Seattle to finish the EP by recording vocals.

Next  we wanted to ask “I see you are from the Pacific Northwest Seattle area, there has been a lot of great music and bands that have come from the area, what makes you different from these bands, or what are you hoping to bring different to the scene? 
Well I believe that the writing style is that of its own. We aren’t aiming to change the world with our music, but the messages in the lyrics are designed to bring light upon mental hardships such as depression and self harming thoughts/suicide which unfortunately is stigmatized to the point where I feel most are afraid to ask for the help they may need. In the EP there is a 3 song story that starts with a girl lost and tangled up in her own head looking for anything to hold herself up with. The second part of the story is the same girl still fighting the psychological battle and begging for help, in this story from her significant other, but receiving nothing but the blame until she finally succumbs to her mental illness and takes her own life. The final part of the story is about her significant other realizing that he could’ve done something more and begging for her return, but ultimately realizing that he was too late.
We wanted to know how the band music was going to be like so we asked “How would you describe your bands sounds, and how have the Seattle scene influenced your sound and what has been your influence or inspiration for this new EP? 
We had instrumental ideas set in mind influenced some by Circa Survive, Taking Back Sunday, and The Used while adding our own twists. The vocal play and stylings from those three bands vocalists drove me to push myself to do something I had never done before, especially considering I’ve only ever screamed in metal bands.
The New EP “Abandoned Homes“ is coming out soon, March 4 I think, Can you tell us a little about the name of the album and what we are going to hear on the EP?, and why have you decided to release it for free? 
Abandoned Homes to me is a step above the idea of a broken home. It is essentially the abandoning of all hope. As for releasing it for free, music has never been about money for us. The feeling you get when hearing a finished product or being on stage and sharing your art is a feeling like no other. 
You have release one single called “Come Home to Me”. Can you go into detail what the song is about? 
The song is the finale of a three-part story on the EP. In this portion, it is the girls significant other essentially realizing his part that was played in her downfall and coming to terms with the fact she is gone.
Where do you hope to see The Aesthetic going in the year 2016? Touring? 
The goal is to assemble a full band and run full force toward a dream we’ve had for a very long time. If everything comes together, we will be on stages all of the Northwest at least, but obviously we would love to go as far as we can. If anyone is interested in auditioning for guitar, bass, or drums then we would love to hear from interested parties. We can be reached at theaestheticofficial@gmail.com and all social media!
Again, Michael, Thank you so much for your time, We look forward to hear more from you and the up and coming band come together with. I have listen to the EP and it is Great! I highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of Alternative rock, specially to the ones that are having a hard time with Mental Hardship and thoughts of suicide. Band and people like you are one in million for getting the word out about these kinds of mental illness’s.
Once again, Thank you!

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