Not The End Of The World By Cilver

Coming out on eOne Music label is the new album from Cilver, Not The End Of The World, and drops Mar 18, 2016.

Header-Cilver-PublicityPhotoComing out on Entertainment One Music label is the new album from Cilver, Not The End Of The World, and is coming Mar 18, 2016.


“We definitely have something to say. We carry a strong message, which comes from the experiences we’ve had, especially the things I’ve been through personally. Our lyrics are loaded with more than the average rock song.” ~ Uliana Preotu
Uliana Preotu (Vocals), Leon Lyazidi (Guitars), Ramsey Modiri (Guitars), Josh Pillbox (Bass), and Michael Ostuni (Drums) make up the New York, NY quintet that’s getting ready for a huge step forward in their music careers. The history for the band started off in early 2013, when Uliana and co-founder Leon got together with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, of Guns N’ Roses and Art Of Anarchy experience, for their debut single and video. Michael,  Josh, and Ramsey all came into the fold of the band at later points bringing their own backgrounds and musical talents.


Track Listing For: Not The End Of The World

  1. Break Free
  2. I’m America
  3. Headstone
  4. Razorblade
  5. Afterlife
  6. Frozen
  7. It’s My Life
  8. Bleed For You
  9. In My Head
  10. Behind These Eyes
  11. Not Afraid
By the early months of the following year, the duo put a full band behind them, plus a four song EP, and set about making a name for the band and its message. Some of the spots the band has already played on are: Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Tour (with Sick Puppies, Lacuna Coil and Eyes Set To Kill), as well as festivals with Alice In Chains, Rob Zombie, and Stone Sour. They have also played additional dates with Devour The Day and Lacuna Coil, who invited the band back out as main support. With the recent passing of Lemmy, it should be noted the first annual Motorhead Motorboat Cruise was attented, and the 2015 Shiprocked Cruise. After careful consideration, Cilver elected to sign with The RSE Group, of Slayer, Mastodon, and Gojira experience, and Entertainment One Music to partner with them for their brightly colored future.


Cilver’s founding core had it all going for them in their last band prior to this one, but they came to hard decision of starting over on a different path. Although the duo’s previous band had major backing the pair weren’t happy with the creative direction, and abruptly called it off. Proving critics wrong, the band seems to be proving that the choice to rebuild into something new was a wise move.

Vietnamese, Cuban, Persian, and Russian are among the multiple ethnicity within the outfit, giving them a strong connection with fans worldwide, and making them that much more all-American ensemble. The band’s founders are both first generation immigrants; the rest of the group is second generation. All of that adding to the diverse backgrounds to draw inspiration from for this album.

Cilver – “In My Head” Featuring Bumblefoot

The release is eleven tracks of fantastic female fronted rock and roll. Uliana’s vocals are crisp when needed, hard as steel when it’s dictated, and soft as the whispers of the cold NYC concrete while singing with her convictions. Leon and Ramsey provide a powerful one/two punch on the guitars throughout the record. Each has a feel for the others playing style and feeds off of each other rather then starve the stage for oxygen and lime light. Josh is able to add the deep tones of the bass where it’s needed and not bleed over to where it’s not. His play adds depth and gravity to the sonic signature of the band. Michael‘s striking selection, all over the entire album, is well thought out and brings the diamond threads of Cilver’s parts into a sound that is unique, heartfelt, and a cohesive unit.

“I knew it was time to step aside and find somebody to front the band. She walked into an audition and I was the only one that was like, ‘that singer. She’s the one!’ She couldn’t even speak English yet. She learned how to speak English onstage playing for people in New York City. This is kind of a recurring theme with us – there are often non believers, but we always stick to our guns and follow our intuition.” ~ Leon Lyazidi

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