Blaze Ya Dead Homies blazes through Jacksonville @ Harmonious Monks in the Green Room

IMG_0702All those Juggalo’s in Jacksonville Beach got a treat Sunday evening. Blaze Ya Dead Homie came threw Harmonious Monks of Jacksonville beach Wednesday evening to put on quite a show. They played various songs from various albums. The venue was packed with fans from all over the state dressed and partaking the juggalo part.


Blaze gave the crowd a old school hiphop/rap feel by using gangsta lyrics and a great stage performance. With a loyal fan base its safe to say the venue was rockin with Blaze for the 35 to 40 minutes he performed as fans sang along to every lyric. About 5 minutes into his performance he had technical difficulties and his music stopped playing. Blaze didn’t panic nor did he get mad, he simply started interacting with the crowed until these said difficulties where handled. Once his music was back on the crowed was back to rockin with the music. In all the vibe to the concert was pretty entertaining and very well performed. I recommend that if you haven’t gave his music a listen do so because its something to behold.

Photos  write up by Dylan Wynne

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