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Moon Taxi Rises to the occasion at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.. along with The Lonely Biscuits!!

Moon Taxi PRESS

Jacksonville Fl- Feb 2 2016 – Moon Taxi rides into Ponte Vedra Concert Hall riding on the high , having one of their songs ” All Day All Night” featured in a McDonalds Breakfast Commercial. Moon Taxi is an American indie-progressive rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band was founded by Trevor Terndrup (vocals, guitar), Tommy Putnam (bass), Spencer Thomson (guitar, programming), Tyler Ritter (drums), and Wes Bailey (keys) while attending Belmont University. The band has been around been around since 2006 , but they are just now hitting their stride with a new album “Day Breaker“, that is out NOW!

The night at the PVCH started out a little slow for a Tuesday night show with the doors opening at 7 and show starting at 8. Even with the light crowd you can tell these fans were here to see a great show, and they were not disappointed. As it got closer to show time, the place started to fill up a little more as the opening band “The Lonely Biscuits” hit the stage, the fans that were seated on the floor raised to their feet and closer to the stage. The Lonely biscuits came out swinging and hit a home run with crowd. They really got the crowd to their funky hip hop groves with an indie twist. They wowed the audience with old and new song ..and throw in one that “Gravy” the lead singing said they had just finish a few days ago. if you get a chance..Go see ” Gravy ” and they guys  Sam Gidley (drums), John Paterini (vocals, guitar), and Nick Byrd (bass) as they make there way through Florida and Georgia this week.

The Lonely Biscuits photo by Bridgette Aikens

The Lonely Biscuits Photo By Bridgette Aikens

As “The Lonely Biscuits” finished up their set, the crowd really filled in to see the headliner “ Moon Taxi “. The fans were milling around the hall chattering as they waited for the red curtain to be pulled and the lights hit the hall to fill the venue with as much energy of the five guys were about the exude on stage. The curtain pulls  and the guys (Trevor Terndrup (vocals, guitar), Tommy Putnam (bass), Spencer Thomson (guitar, programming), Tyler Ritter (drums), and Wes Bailey (keys). Moon Taxi was full of energy and it poured into the crowd when they played songs like “Red Hot Light”,and “Whiskey Sunset” that brought the crowd a frenzy of energy to dance and raise their hands to the music. The vocals of Trevor were stop on this night and he showed the fans that he was not holding back and he was singing like he was singing to 10,000 fans at a big venue and not a smaller intimate venue. Drummer Tyler hit the beats like not other, specially on the song “Savannah”, where he really shined along with the bass playing by Tommy, who was hitting the insane low notes all night. Spencer and Wes filled in the rest of the outrageous sounds that were coming off the stage.



Let me start by saying I am a bit older than the typical Moon Taxi fan. The band is makeup of five very talented musicians and I enjoyed the performance a lot. They put on a very good show for such a young band. My one criticism would be the sound balance or lack there of. Every band member was wide open and many of the excellent featured solos by guitar and key board were lost in the mix. Sometimes less is more and I am sure as the band matures a more balanced sound will emerge. Moon Taxi is great new band. Go see them if you have the chance. They didnt  disappoint.

Moon Taxi:

The Lonely Biscuits :


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