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Ana Popovic- Virtuoso at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Ana Popovic-4723Virtuoso is defined as “a person who excels in musical technique or execution”.  Ana Popovic epitomizes that word.  Performing last night at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, Ana completely enthralled the audience with her funk, jazz, and blues guitar playing and singing.  Her vocals match, if not exceed, her talent as a guitarist as evidenced in Unconditional and Can You Stand the Heat.

Ms. Popovic will be releasing a new album in May titled “Trilogy”, composed of three full length albums combined into one release; an album of jazz, an album of blues, and an album of funk.  It is rare to find an artist who excels at writing, playing and singing in one genre, much less in three genres, but Ana Popovic is that artist.  Her amazing guitar riffs and sultry voice are unparalleled as in Summer Rain,  Navajo Moon,  and Somebody We Used to Know.  Attending a performance by Ana Popovic is not just listening to exceptional music, it is experiencing an incredible talent.

In addition to her current tour, you can see and hear the amazing Ana Popovic at the upcoming Experience Hendrix 2016, where she will be performing for the third time.  Don’t miss seeing Ana Popovic.




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