[Album Review] Downing Pool is back with Ground pounding riffs and hellraising vocals- “Hellelujah” out 2/5

DP_PRESS_01_lo_resYes, Downing Pool is back with Ground pounding riffs and hellraising vocals. The new “Helleujah” album is out on Feb. 5 2016 and will rock your world! The line up has changed a little with Jasen Moreno with his thunderous vocals. and the core of the band   C.J. Pierce (guitar), Stevie Benton (bass), Mike Luce (drums). Drowning Pool songs conjure emotions that deeply connect with those who persevere against the odds and sacrifice to survive and this album is no different. It is one hell bound kick in the face right from the get go. Speaking of get go, let get right to this kick ass album that is going to be having you bouncing off the walls and melting your mind for sure.


1 Push 3:13

2 By The Blood 3:27

3 Drop 3:41

4 Hell To Pay 4:01

5 We Are The Devil 4:05

6 Snake Charmer 3:47

7 My Own Way 3:33

8 Goddamn Vultures 3:53

9 Another Name 3:41

10 Sympathy Depleted 3:31

11 Stomping Ground 3:40

12 Meet The Bullet 4:00

13 All Saints Day 4:19

From the first track to the last, the guys rise up and hit you straight in the chops with song like “Push” and By the Blood”. The band is also releasing a lyric video for their current radio hit “By The Blood.” The single debuted with stunning momentum on SiriusXM’s Octane channel.  “By The Blood” is one of those tune that just stick in your head and want to seeing it out to anyone who does or doesn’t want to listing to you belting it out…Take a look at the lyric vid below and tell you will not me singing it for days !!


Big  power with a taste of the dark melodies of post-grunge remain Drowning Pool’s stock and trade. and you can hear that throughout in songs like “Hell To Pay”. You get your fill of C.J ripping the air with his masterful and hear blooding guitar playing in “ On My Way“. While Jasen sings and screams like to a chest pounding bass playing by Stevie. All they guys were hitting on all cylinders with this album…They hit it hard when it warranted and brought it down a notch or ten in the places it need to be. Mike on drums controlled the tempo of the whole album like a king that controls his kingdom, he magnificently displayed his drumming to a tee, He is the unsung hero in a band with major talent though out.

Stomping Ground” is one of those songs that make you look in the mirror and do some souls searching and look at yourself and change yourself for the better. “Meet the Bullet”is your dark and gloumy song that make reach that dark place in your soal… with a quote from the song…” Death is the new love and dust is the new blood ”

You can really tell the guys put a lot of hard work in to this one. Hellelujah (2016) is unsheltered and uncompromising, representing a band free to say, play, and do what they please.The production is smooth and consistent without draining the life out of the music. Hellelujah is a well done job by all that worked on it.

If this is going to be your first music purchase of the year, It may also be your favorite one as well !! We at Ignite love it and will continue to play it out loud and proud !!

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