Pop Evil Sell Out The Machine Shop 3x, Perform During Pistons Halftime 🏀🏀


January 14, 2016 — Michigan darlings POP EVIL have sold out The Machine Shop in Flint Michigan three nights in a row with the first performance happening last night. “What an honor it is to have our brothers in Pop Evil be the first band to sell out The Machine Shop 3 nights in a row!,” says venue owner Kevin Zink. “I am also glad to have been able to watch it all. It’s all only going one way and that is UP! Pop Evil/The Machine Shop family for life!”

Bands have come close in the past, but no band has ever reached such an incredible milestone. Vocalist Leigh Kakaty weighs in, “What a week we’ve had! First, it was a lifelong goal to play during a PISTONS GAME. What incredible hospitality they gave us this past Tuesday. A proud moment for Pop Evil for sure. The Machine Shop has been there for us since day one. The shop is our second home. Everyone involved at the venue we consider FAMILY. What a feeling to be the first artist to sell out 3 shows in a row. We wanted to challenge ourselves to do something different this time around and with the help from our great fans we have succeeded.”

The band recently got the chance of a lifetime to perform during a Detroit Pistons game this pastTuesday against the San Antonio Spurs. The band played their two mega hit singles “Footsteps” and “Trenches.” A recap of the event can be seen below.

Source: Pop Evil Sell Out The Machine Shop 3x, Perform During Pistons Halftime 🏀🏀

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