[Live Music Review] Gallows Bound takes Bluegrass to the next level

Gallows Bound – way of Winchester, Virginia-swung into Jacksonville for a Tuesday night show at the tiny venue that brings in huge artist- Jack Rabbits. Gallows Bound brought their unique sound of bluegrass with a little folk and a dash of punk mixed in to a small gathering of fans that were out to see a few great musicians and hear some music that they may not hear around these part very much.

GB sound is very unique, but it really gets your feet tapping and head bobbing, it is infectious and make you wanting to hear more..with songs like “Black Widow Woman” and “Sink In The Soil“..You really get a taste of what these guy from the foot hill of the Appalachians are all about..And that is having a great time playing music that mean something to them. The music is real,  hand crafted and it’s forged from genuine conviction and that shows on stage with the five guys and one gal fulling the stage and rooms with music that hits your heart and soul. The vocals of Jordan and Jesse are magical…The standup bass playing of Aaron are rumbling. The banjo picking of Justin are insanely masterful, he can pick with the best them for what i saw. Forrest can play that mandolin like no other with the drum beats being played by Rob…and they even gave hime a mic back there- for some reason..haha

Gallows Bound are stringing their fantastic bluegrass sound thoughout the summer, Get out there and see them for a fun energetic night of not just bluegrass..but great home grown music!


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