Are Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers engaged?

Extra, extra, read all about it! Olivia Munn is about to become a blushing bride, according to a new report. Olivia, though, says not so fast. Or does she? OK! Magazine is reporting that the former “Newsroom” star is engaged to her NFL boyfriend Aaron Rodgers. The magazine claims Olivia was surprised by the proposal considering Aaron’s Green Bay Packers are in the middle of the playoffs. “Olivia wasn’t expecting it, but they’re so in love he just couldn’t wait,” the source told the magazine. The report said that Aaron’s proposal was traditional: He asked for her family’s approval first, and then proposed over a romantic dinner. The wedding is expected to take place in his hometown of Chico, Calif., OK! said. With the news of her potential engagement making the rounds, the actress took to Instagram to, well, continue to leave people on the fence. The image she posted was one of a conversation with her mother in which she hints that the engagement news isn’t true, but doesn’t exactly deny the news. “Answering yes or no to personal questions can be tricky because if you say ‘No’ it means whenever you say ‘No comment’ that kind of becomes your default ‘Yes’,” she captioned the screenshot of the mother-daughter conversation. “But since I’m doing press for the next few days, I didn’t want to have to answer the same question over and over. So instead, I’m going to let my text conversation with my Asian mom help me out. #Colberto” Aaron and Olivia began dating in 2014. They rarely speak publicly about each other, but they do appear on each other’s social media pages from time to time. They’ve also walked many red carpets together. Since they got together, Olivia has also been vocal about her love of all things Packers. “Now you are a dyed-in-the-wool Green Bay Packers fan,” Seth Meyers said to the actress on his show. “You love the Green Bay Packers, and one of the reasons might be, and I’m not saying this is the only reason you are, you have a boyfriend, and that boyfriend is Aaron Rodgers.” “Yeah, that would be the reason I’m a Packers fan,” she said. “That’s a good assessment.”

Source: Are Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers engaged?

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