[Album Review] Socionic – “Dividing Horizon”

socionic-band-lineup-large Socionic  -The sleek aggression of LA-based quartet- landing its genre bending classification somewhere between alternative, metal, progressive, and rock.  Dividing Horizon is going to take you on a journey into their minds and souls.If you are a huge fan of Tool and NIN you are going to love this new album.The darkly cathartic music seamlessly flows from fierce to alluring.

The ominously catchy “Fearfull” sucks you right in from the get go with the hard thumping riff and Tool-ish sounds. The sound just make you want to kick back and drown yourself in the music.

Myopia” makes you just want to float through the air on a cloud – beautiful as it bends the genres of progressive, metal, rock and ambient to fervently carry a message that moves the mind. “Unity” and “Ascending Horizon” take you on a mind melting journey though illusion and confusion, this has a more prog feeling to it with sweeping cords and  crazy harmonic vocals throughout.

Window Cell” take you on a slow melodic trip, compared to the “Obsidious Divide” a dark and crazed tone.

System’s Son” bring back the high passed riffs and mashing drums that gets you blood flowing and energy back up. All and all this is one of those album that make you sit back and listen to the music and not just hear it, The guys have mastered the sound that they are going for, and they do it exquisite in Dividing Horizon, it is energetic and moody when it need to be, but not overly so. Sure they sound a little like Tool and Nin, but they also sound like Socionic in their own right !




Socionic is:
Michael Meinhart – Vocals, Keyboards and Programming
Matthew Denis – Bass
Lior Dar – Drums

Billy Graczyk – Guitars

Hear the singles from the new album: http://bit.ly/dividingHorizon
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