{Interview} Ignite goes one on one with Jonny Hetherington vocalist for Art Of Dying- New Album “RISE UP” out Now !!

Art Of Dying is one of the Hard Rock bands that you may not know a whole lot about,they are best known for the song “Die Trying” off their “Vices and Virtues“. But they obviously know what they are doing if they caught the eyes and ears of a group like Disturbed Disturbed members David Draiman and Dan Donegan while out touring with them in the US for 12 shows.

AOD_RiseUp_cover_artJonny tells us ” they took them under their wings” and “they are huge mentors to us” ..talking about David and Dan of Disturbed….and they ended up signing them to their imprint label at Warner Bros.

Art of Dying have toured almost continuously in support of the “ Vices and Virtues” Album. In addition to headlining and co-headlining club shows, the band has been featured on several of the biggest hard rock and heavy metal festivals in the country. They have been on both the 1st and 2nd annual Avalanche Tours in 2011 and 2012, headlined by Stone Sour and Shinedown, respectively. They also toured on Rockstar’s 2011 Uproar Festival, headlined byAvenged Sevenfold. The band performed at Rock on The Range, Carolina Rebellion, and 48 Hours Fest in 2011.

Jonny was asked if he preferred the big festivals or the smaller club shows and his response was ” We like them all man..There are some many thing that are great for each, When you are playing the huge festivals..You are kinda lost in the huge emotional place where there is a sea of people in front of you”, and you don’t really feel the connection as with club show adding  ” at the club shows ,..I have actually got down to the crowd and sung a sang into someones ear, so that is pretty fun”- Other things cool about festivals is you get to see all you friends who are in other bands and hang out”

We also talked to Jonny about the new record “RISE UP” that was just released on Dec 11 on Eleven Seven Music/Better Noise Records and about the writing process him and the band go through on the record, and how sometime the writing process just flows easy and then times it doesn’t go the way you want it and you but it off for months.

Jonny goes into saying about the writing process –

” a blessing, and there is no method to the madness and it just comes to you, and you are able to put into words and connect it to a melody, and getting it from your collective life experiences” and ” the more you write the better you become at your craft, so i try to write as much as possible”.

Jonny also gets real personal with us and talks about his dad that had just passed away earlier in the year from cancer while there were in the studio and how he was a a big influence in the recording of some of the songs on the record. He mentions one track on the record that really hit home for him and that was the last track on the record “Ubuntu”, which he was taught the meaning of the word by his dad that he got from a trip to South Africa is translated to ” I am..Because you are and you are..Because I am” and ended up channeling those word in the studio to get through the emotional roller coaster of feelings he had.

Jonny really goes into how they really dug deep with this new record that ” we really left for what we are known for,that stuff is there, but we went into a different comfort area” and at they were really proud to be able to go into a different direction with “Rise Up”.

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