{Album Review} IGNITE Cranks It Up Again With ” A War Against You ” -Due out January 8 2016

unnamed (9)IGNITE“, The punk band that started it all in the socal punk scene over 22 years ago have dusted off the instruments and warmed up the vocal cords to grace us with a new album. A War Against You marks IGNITE’s epic return and first record in over a decade. Over the last 22 years IGNITE has been instrumental in helping shape Southern California’s punk sound and has influenced many bands in their wake. Their new album finds them at the top of their game and is an exceptional addition to their celebrated catalog.

Once you get this new album you wouldn’t have guess that they have not put out an album in almost a decade. The guys ( Zoli Teglas – Vocals Brett Rasmussen – Bass Brian Balchack – Guitar Kevin Kilkenny – Guitar Craig Anderson – Drums ) have not missed a beat, War Against You hits you hard and often with the sound that you have known to love from IGNITE,.. but a little cleaner sound then we are used to by a punk band, but I think the sound fits nicely into the music that is coming out these days.

Ignite_-_A_War_Against_YouThe album start off the with chant from the band ” THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BEGIN AGAIN !!..A BRAND NEW START TO A DIFFERENT END..THIS IS YOUR LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TOOO, AND NOW IT ALL ON YOU !!..and goes into one kick ass tune call “Begin Again” with its crunchy sound we have all known to love from the band. The first few songs really get you into the groove to what the band is trying to put out, it is rock infused with punk and hardcore riffs like ” This is war”..and “Nothing Can Stop Me”. These tune really bring out the old school punk with a little new school rock sounds as well.

The energy and in your face sound can still be heard throughout the album. The guys are really on point with how tight the music is , Brians bass playing is killer through out and the screaming lyrics of Zoli Teglas in “Alive”..which I think is going to be one of those tunes i can hear a crowd singing along to the band at a show. IGNITE has always been known for their up lifting lyrics and messaging in their music , and they have not let that go to the wayside on ” A War Against You. With song like ” You Saved Me” and “Rise Up” the positivity in the words are there for you to take hold of and use them in your own life as you see fit.

And in punk rock fashion, we have our political infused lyrics in ” How Is This Progress” which dabbles into the how the world is just repeating itself and we are not learning from out mistakes. “Descend” and much of the album is an ode to Teglas’ family and an ode to the immigrant struggle; he’s long written about his own Hungarian heritage in IGNITE‘s lyrics.

This album is extremely relevent to the time we are having now,and the struggle some are having at this time. The band has been on hiatus for a while, but they are still  up to date with the music and the world around them., and this album really shows that. I think IGNITE has hit a home run with this album. And if they don’t do another record for 1o years it will be a shame, because these guys know how to Rock !!

For More Information:
Ignite Tour Dates:
Jan 8 – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy (w/Death By Stereo)
Jan 9 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick (w/Death By Stereo, True Rivals, Since We Were Kids)
Jan 13 – Warsaw, PL – Progresja
Jan 14 – Berlin, DE – Astra
Jan 15 – Hamburg, DE – Grosse Freiheit 36
Jan 16 – Oberhausen, DE – Turbinenhalle
Jan 17 – Torhout, BE – De Mast
Jan 18 – Paris, FR – Gibus
Jan 19 – Pratteln, CH – Z7
Jan 20 – Saarbrücken, DE – Garage
Jan 21 – München, DE – Backstage
Jan 22 – Wiesbaden, DE – Schlachthof
Jan 23 – Dresden, DE – Alter Schlachthof
Jan 24 – Utrecht, NL – Tivoli
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