OCEANS OVER AIRPLANES Releases New Track with AXS; ‘Young Nights’ EP out on 11/27

Releases New Track, "Ampersand" with AXS
‘Young Nights’ EP out on November 27th

Listen to "Ampersand" here: http://bit.ly/1PXuk8F

Pre-Order ‘Young Nights’ here: http://bit.ly/1OeyiK4

Crown Point, IN | November 24, 2015 – Alternative-rock act OCEANS OVER AIRPLANES has teamed up with AXS to premiere their heartfelt track, "Ampersand." This is the second song to be released off the group’s forthcoming 4-song EP, ‘Young Nights,’ which will be out this Friday, November 27, 2015.

Oceans Over Airplanes explains, "This song is about finding ‘The ONE.’ For those that have found their ultimate person the song tries to recreate those moments of constantly needing to be around that person, understanding how complete and secure that person makes them feel. The song tries to hit at the core of any long lasting relationship, love. That is all that is needed, nothing more, nothing less, at the center of it all love. Asking that no matter what happens, no matter what people ask of each other in the course of a day that at the end of the day that love is still there."

Hailing from Crown Point, IN, Oceans Over Airplanes has performed with Hawthorne Heights, Empires, Real Friends, Amber Pacific, Smoking Popes, Halifax, Spitalfield, The Audition, and more. With a strong Chicago presence, they were also featured at SXSW’s Chicago Showcase, hosted by music television show JBTV. The group recently released their single, "A-Game," off the forthcoming EP, which PopMatters deemed an, "infectious new alt-rock track," and can be heard here.

‘Young Nights’
1. A-Game
2. Ampersand
3. It Could Happen
4. Silo

About Oceans Over Airplanes:
"The art of conversation has been taken for granted. Chemistry between people is quickly being squandered through lives lived through screens." It is with that inspiration that Oceans Over Airplanes returns with the creation of their third EP ‘YOUNG NIGHTS,’ set for release on November 27, 2015. ‘YOUNG NIGHTS’ continues to possess Oceans Over Airplanes signature indie/alternative rock sound. Holding a texture that is a direct reflection of their Indiana home, it contains the beauty of the lakeshore mixed with the pounding, gritty pulse of industry, and the excitement of the city and the honesty of a small town.

"The idea of the EP initially was to revisit my early 20’s…To find and recreate musically many of the feelings that were present in those years. As I began to uncover these old feelings, I realized how much harder it is to recreate feelings of waiting and anticipation with people today in light of the immediate abilities of technology. We live through screens, not in the moment which I think causes a big disconnect between people. My hopes are that we have a created a set of songs that people can use to help recall these moments in their lives where personal interactions with people mattered, that without these moments your life would be forever changed." OOA recreates these moments of youth in Songs like "Ampersand" and "A-Game" about the anticipation of new love. While in the song "Silo," Oceans Over Airplanes speaks on late night drives and recreates the naïve invincibility of youth.

YOUNG NIGHTS is a departure in many ways from their previous EP released on Stayposi Records in 2013 titled "Revival Songs". With the creation of Revival Songs it was the first time that Oceans Over Airplanes mainstays Anthony Pagorek, Joseph Muzyka & Joseph Bickham had to create music as a three piece. The EP is characterized by an aggressively fiery and abrasive tone. Indicative of the title," Revival Songs", marked the rejuvenation of the group. "Between the departure of our bassist coupled with strained personal relationships the band began to stall out. It wasn’t until not playing music for close to 16 months that that the remaining members realized that what they had was more than a band, but a family. The most important part of this period for the band is that we found out that we could be friends outside of music."

The recent addition of rhythm guitarist, Jeff Popka, enables the band to recreate every aspect of the Young Nights EP as well as re-introduce material from the band’s only full length "Rip the Sky from the Earth" (2011). "Rip the Sky…was truly an exhausting and rewarding experience that helped me cope with the loss of our good friend and former band member Bret Smolinski. Each song was directly inspired by his life and his passing. It was an experienced that really pushed me lyrically and in many ways tore down the walls creatively that I had constructed around my writing for years."

While Oceans Over Airplanes writing methods have evolved since their inception, there are still vestiges of their first Self-Titled EP glaringly present in current offerings. Upon setting out to write songs for Young Nights, OOA revised their writing methods and adopted an alternative approach to crafting songs. "We identified certain feelings we wanted the songs to evoke. We made a concerted effort to connect with a broader audience on a nostalgic level."

The band continues to refine and develop their brand of music that they credit with being a direct reflection of their closest relationships and surrounding environment. Like all the previous releases, the band created and produced these new songs in their home studio, Hey Charlie Studios. With this collection of songs, OOA hopes to inspire nostalgic reflection. "When you’re young and you’re living through new experiences, you don’t always take the time to truly appreciate the moment while it is happening. Not only did we want to remind people that those moments once happened but also that similar feelings are still accessible."


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