[ ALBUM REVIEW] Spoken..Breathes life into you and themselves with “Breathe Again”- set to be release 12/11

Spoken- Breathe Again



Spoken – Breathe Again

It sounds like the guys from Spoken (Matt Baird (Vocals) Scoop Roberts (Guitar) Isaiah Perez (Drums) have finally found their groove in their new LP “Breath Again”. 2015 marks eighteen years since the band’s debut release, however Spoken has yet to let up and is currently preparing to release its biggest and best album yet. On March 1st, 2015, Spoken released the debut track off the new endeavor called Breathe Again, featuring Memphis May Fire’s own, Matty Mullins. Within weeks of the release, the song began charting on the Billboard Christian Rock charts while gaining momentum with Active Rock stations around the country. There’s no telling the heights the band will reach with the newfound blood and inspiration, but the future is looking bright.

Spoken has really hit the mark with “Breath Again”, it will get your rock juices flowing. It starts off with a haunting intro that sets you up for the first song of the album “Walking In My Dreams” . It hits you with pounding drums by Isaiah and mind melting screaming vocals by Matt Baird. Matt really comes through strong on this track, but he doesn’t overdo it in scream department.

Beyond The Stars” and “Surrender” hit hard and with force. Showcase the skillful drumming of Isaiah once again, that really gets you into the music itself and takes grab of you not letting go. The harmonies are fantastic as well throughout the songs.

The title track “Breath Again” is a notable track that really breaks through and sets up the rest of the album to bring everything together in this new sound, Matts singing is shape and on point. While tracks like “All I Want”, “Hollow and Untrue” and the likes “Your Memories Are Alive Again “set the tempo and really hits home with a message.

The song “Nothing Without You” slows the pace down nicely at the right point. You can say it is a rocking little ballad with a lot of meaning behind it. You can really catch the Christian under tones of this song and can tell what the band is trying to get out there in this message. Then, it is not more playing about, and the hammer drops like a ton of bricks, with “Poison In The Air” and “Falling Apart”. The music hits hard and often with raging guitar riffs and shattering drums. Falling Apart is all about hiding your pain inside and not showing it, but you are really falling apart inside.

The remainder of the album brings the record to a close with a solid showing of hard rock with a message in “Hold On” and a second song that I would call a ballad as well “Take My Breath away” that grips you with soft vocals and slow methodical music. It really brings the whole album around in a full circle as they would say. The message Spoken is trying to portray is loud and clear throughout “Breathe Again”. It is well-balanced with hard-hitting music and lyrics scattered in just the right areas but not overdone. I think everyone will enjoy this new music from Spoken, they push the message without cramming it down your thought….Well done Guys!!.. A solid record the hit right in all the right spots.!!

Spoken-Breathe Again

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