[Album Review] September Mourning V. 1


This new EP,that was release back on October 2nd ..It has been a long time coming for many September Mourning fans . Fans had been gripping their fists in anticipation of hearing new music from the band that they follow so closely and intensely. The six song EP is somewhat of a story, one that gives a little background of September Mourning and all the emotions that go along with being who they are and what they are all about. There is also a pretty freaking cool comic book that goes along with the EP which can be purchased Here


Now, let’s take a little journey into this gem of an EP. “The Collection” is first up, and this dark hollowing intro song sets you up and sucks you into the world of September Mourning. September belts out some major screaming vocals that would scare the loving soul right out of you. The soft melodic sounds don’t last for long as “Angles to Dust” kicks down the door and rips your face off with screams that are not over done, but are placed throughout the song in just the right places. You are then  quickly intertwined in “Before The Fall” then swept into the eerie beginnings  of  “Children Of Fate” with hard crunching guitars and pounding heart skipping beats of the drums. This is where you start to lose your sense of reality and find yourself in the world of September Mourning. You feel the music running through your veins like a run-away freight train, and September masterful vocals are just the poison that sucks you into this story of darkness and love. this song is also one of those song that fans will sing and chant to at a live show for sure.

The EP ends with “ Eye Of The Storm”, a song that they have released a lyric video for that can be seen below, we will just let you take a look at that to see what you think…

Stand By Me is the last song on the that wraps through your head, if you don’t know the song already, it is a remake of Ben E King song from the movie with the same name, with a little September Mourning fleer to it. I believe this is a message to the fatefully follows to stand by the band for this epic  journey that they just went through in this six song EP and fellow journeys that will take in the future with the band.

All in all, the EP is a stellar six song listen, it is a little short and one song is a remake. But is does get you into the world they want you to get into while listening. Me and I am sure I am not alone in saying “ We want more”!!,  enough with the teasing.

Band Lineup:
September (Vox)
Shadou (Bass)
Riven (Guitar)
Wraith (Guitar)
Stitch (Drums)

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