The Drama State Talk Influences, Recording vs. Live Shows !

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The band, consisting of Ryan Diskey, Ronnie Ish, Ramsey Hall, Mike Babb, and Eric Hewitt

The Drama State..No One Hit Wonder Here !!

The Drama State is an up and coming band that bring back a sound that we all have longed for since the 90’s came to an end. They bring back an alternative sound with a brand new twist. With catchy songs like “Pool House Envy”, this band is sure to become one of the greats very soon. Ryan Diskey was nice enough to sit down with Ignite and answer some questions about The Drama State.

1 How are you guys doing today? Go ahead and introduce yourself and say your role in the band?
I’m doin’ well thanks for asking. My name is Ryan Diskey and I’m the lead vocalist for The Drama State

2 Let’s talk about the style of rock, it seems to me like you guys bring back an older alternative sound with a refreshing new taste. Can we talk about your influences?
– Yes! You get it haha! We all love the 90’s bands, one hit wonders or not, and we kind of let that come through with all of the new stuff. Anything from Third Eye Blind to The Wallflowers really. We also grew up listening to Taking Back Sunday and bands of that era so that helped shape who we are as musicians as well.

3 “Pool House Envy” is such an amazing song with a very meaningful music video. Can you give us a little back story on the song itself and video?
– That’s really rad of you to say, thanks. The song was written about a situation/relationship I had when I was younger. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take a couple of steps forward and that’s basically the overall feeling of the song. We got really lucky with the video and was able to film it in Ronnie’s hometown. So the drive in you see in the video is the one Ronnie went to and has all these memories and connections with. I’m glad we got to do it.

4 You guys played warped tour and got a huge response, how does that make you guys feel and where are you going to tour next?
– Any support is always an amazing feeling for us. It’s never a diminishing return type thing. Every t-shirt we sell or every time we are asked to sign an autograph it’s wild for us. To take something that you made and means so much to you and have someone else sincerely validate it is just…wild.

5 What message do you want fans to get from the upcoming EP?
– We hope it’s different for everyone that listens. Sure there are themes or whatever to every song that we write and play, but we want them open to interpretation. Take it and make it yours. That’s what I do with music so that’s what I try to give other people an opportunity to do.

6 So far, what Is the band’s favorite song to play live?
– “38th & Central” for sure. It’s much fun to play and has this crazy energy live. We love it.

7 How does the writing process go for you guys? Do you enjoy writing and recording in a studio more or playing in front of a crowd?
– I usually come up with a “skeleton” for the song and some vocal melodies and then take it to practice. From there everyone just puts part of themselves into it and it becomes something completely different from what I bring in most times. We definitely love playing live more than recording. It’s a different world, you almost can’t even compare the two.

8 So, what’s in the future for The Drama State?
– I can’t say too much, but even with our second release coming next year, we are JUST getting started.

9 Can you give us a little history behind the name?
– We were looking for a name and our drummer Mike suggested it. We are from a really small town where one person’s business is EVERYONE’S business. We know that our hometown isn’t the only one like that so we decided to go with the name. When you hear the name you’re like “oh that’s definitely my state, people talk so much shit here” haha.

10 What is the most challenging song for each of you to perform live at a show?
– I can only speak for myself and that would have to be “I’m Not Gonna Lie”. When we recorded it I wasn’t super comfortable with the vocal lines, they were a little bit outside of what I was comfortable with then so I really have to be on my game when Ramsey comes in with that bass line that starts the song off.

11 Do you prefer the outside atmosphere of a festival or do you prefer those sweaty intimate venues?
– That’s a hard question. It’s a different vibe from each. I think that the intimate venues are better just because that’s what we KNOW. We’ve done festivals and stuff but we molded by VFW halls and community centers and we’ll never forget that

12 What is the most inspiring thing about getting to play and make music for a living?
– That it has the potential to legitimately change someone’s life. That’s nuts to think about. I write these songs because I’ll go crazy if I don’t, but then someone can relate and get through something because of that? There’s no words for that.

13 If there is anything that I left out, please feel free to give a random thought, or just promote something.
– Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. As far as promoting something goes, check out our JBRD homies at and support your local bands. Buy their shirts, go to their shows, stay for the band after your friends band. We got love for ya!

We will continue to support our local bands as well as you guys in The Drama State. Thank you for your time and we can’t wait to hear more from you guys. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys. They will become greatness soon.

The band, consisting of Ryan Diskey, Ronnie Ish, Ramsey Hall, Mike Babb, and Eric Hewitt, channels local experiences to craft a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. The Drama State strives to create music that is classic – music that defines rather than transcends. The Midwest quintet has honed their distinct style of upbeat millennial rock with catchy hooks and infectious energy.

Be sure to check them out on tour if you get a chance.

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