Myka, Relocate: These “Young Souls” Have Something to Say

Myka, Relocate is a Texan band that has something to say. Coming off of their successful debut album from Artery Recordings “Lies to Light the Way”, they still are hitting it hard with their sophomore album “The Young Souls”, which a fitting title for sure. “The Young Souls” is a very well put together album, with hard-hitting sounds and passionate vocals. This album has everything, with a unique twist. Myka, Relocate combines heavy metal and breakdowns with gorgeous sounds that resemble what would be heard on the top 40.

The Young Souls” has something for everyone, but at this same time, it’s not what you hear from everyone. This album combines several genres of music that, would never be heard together. Myka, Relocate makes the genres sound like they have always had a home together. The dual vocalist provides expansions of what this band can sound like. John Ritter can come in and make the music sound like it’s a full-blown metal song, then Michael Swank comes in and provides a totally different element to the song. Not many bands could accomplish this, but Myka, Relocate not just accomplishes this, but they excel at combining these several different genres to making them become one.

The band has really found themselves in this album. Their music just flows so well. The most notable tracks that show this amazing combination are songs like “Damage” and “Nerve”. The balance is so amazing throughout this album. As far as heaviness goes, this album has got it. The breakdowns throughout this album are some of the best you would hear and are sure to get someone’s blood pumping in songs like “Bring You Home” and “Cold Hearts”. As noted earlier, this album has something for every type of rocker and even the people who enjoy the catchy hooks of today’s top 40 music.

Look out for Myka, Relocate, they are coming hard and are planning to show the world what this band has to offer. They have been through the same things that we have and have a message to share. Myka, Relocate plans on getting their message out there with “The Young Souls”. This album is amazing and is exactly where Myka, Relocate needs and wants to be.

Current Tour Dates :

Date Venue Location Tickets
Nov 10 Mesa Music Hall El Paso, TX Tickets RSVP
Nov 11 Joe’s Grotto Phoenix, AZ Tickets RSVP
Nov 12 Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV RSVP
Nov 13 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA Tickets RSVP
Nov 14 The Whisky Los Angeles, CA Tickets RSVP
Nov 15 SOMA San Diego, CA Tickets RSVP

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