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Interview: Amenize Discuss Writing And Recording A Concept Album

Amenize is an up and coming band that has something for every metal and rock lover. Their music is incredibly melodic and heavy. They currently released their EP. All the guys of the band took the time to sit down with Ignite and answer some of our questions. Keep a look out for these guys. They will be hitting North America soon and we are looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

1- For those who don’t know you, go ahead and introduce yourself and say your role in the band.

Danilo: I am the drummer, call me Danilo

Brain: I’m Brain and I play guitar

Bruno: My name is Bruno and I am the singer

2- What is the story behind such a unique name?

Bruno: One of my friends used a lot the expression “amenize”, which in portuguese means something between “calm down”, “soften” and “face it easy”. It sounded great to me because it’s not what you would expect from a Metal band, though it fits perfectly in our lyrics and songs.

3 – Your music is very melodic, but heavy. How do you accomplish such a unique heavy sound?

Danilo: I think I’m more responsible for the “heavy” part, which can be explained by my influences. I’ve grown up listening to classic rock and heavy metal, so when I have to write something, it’s naturally heavy. Brain loves the modern metal grooves with some complex chords, and that opens up many possibilities for vocals. Though Bruno never sings anything close to what we taught at first, it’s never been something that we disliked.

4 – My personal favorite from “Black Sky” is T-Rex and Rivals. Can you give us a little story behind these awesome songs?

Brain: Rivals is about two people who were childhood friends but went on separate ways through life. Their rivalry grows as their ideologies and beliefs become completely opposite.  The main character of the story finally realised that he will have to face his former friend who sold his soul to the ‘Black Sky’. T-Rex is like a hunting the rising people that found the light are comin’ to destroy the Black Sky, it’s the beggining of the end. At  the same time the former friend from Rivals, is now ‘Running for his life’.

5 – What was the recording and writing process “Black Sky” like?

Bruno: Brain usually writes the riffs, then sometimes I sing over them. But what happened the most was that he would meet Danilo, try to fit those riffs in a song and then show me. There are some things you can’t see after hours and hours working on a song, and when I heard it there could be some of them. We would meet afterwards and in the end we had songs that were ready to be recorded.

6 – There is such a vocal range in this record. What was the most challenging song to record?

Bruno: I think it was ‘The Creator’, because on that song I use a technique of screaming in changing pitches, which I recently learned how to do, so I’m not very used to it.

7 – Who are your major influences?

Brain: I would say there´s no major, but it’s a mix of Periphery, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Sevendust and Cynic.

8 – What’s in the future for you guys?

Brain: Keep on making good music . Now that we got the full team with our new bass player ‘The Stranger’ we want to go on tour playing ‘Black Sky’ as much as possible. We’re scheduling a Brazilian tour to support the new album, but as soon as possible we want to reach North Amenrican ground to play for you guys.

9 – Do you guys enjoy recording or writing more?

Brain: I enjoy writing, because everything is new and we don’t know what expect from each song. But recording is something so great too, it is when you see the you imagine for so long during the writing process finally coming to life. I really enjoy both. (laughs)

10 – Any crazy stories from some live shows or tours?

Brain: Not yet, but we expect to have a lot of stories to tell you in the next interview, because Amenize is here to stay and tour. (laughs)

11 – What is the message as a whole from “Black Sky”?

Brain: I think it’s for people to open their eyes for the world that we live in, and realize that we don’t need to be what we don’t want to. As the lyrics says: ‘You are the solution’

12 – Who do you guys want to tour with? Dead or alive?

Amenize: Lamb of God.

13 – If I left anything out, go ahead and say your peace now. Even if you have a random thought you are more than welcome to put in here.

Danilo: I would like to thank you guys for the support and tell everyone that our album is awesome and you should definitely listen it! You can buy it, stream it and even download it for free on our website, It’s time to face the faceless!

Your album is awesome and we definitely look forward to you guys stepping foot on American soil so that everyone can know what Amenize is about. Thank you for your time and we look forward to having more moments with Amenize.

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