Interview with Friday Night Lites – Joey Genovese

unnamed (10)Friday Night Lites is one of those bands that you can just site down and have a great conversation with and have a few laughs. And that is what Ignite Music Magazines did in anticipation to the their new Ep Wherever You May Be, which is due out 11/20. With the forthcoming EP, Friday Night Lites hopes to encourage individuals that struggle is good and no matter what, if one hits rock bottom there’s always a way out.

We talked with Joey Genovese about the new EP and the encouragement to get help with person struggles:

So, how are you guys doing?

We are doing great. We are super busy with our PR Campaign for this Debut EP. Lots to decide on and think about while making sure we do everything we can, right. November we have a few shows to showcase the material. So we are excited for that. 

How did you come up with the name Friday Night Lites?

It’s hard not to say the movie and the tv drama series had a lot to do with it. But, Joey brought it to the table in a sense that what “Friday Night Lights” means to him, (me) is simply this. “That feeling, going out to the big game and supporting my hometown, along side the community. That sense of family and togetherness holds a deep meaning to the town I grew up in. Having each other there when we need.” That’s how we like to think of this band. As band mates and as the relationship between fans and FNL. One big family. Let’s grow together. 

You guys really bring back that wonderful alternative-punk sound. How did the writings and style of music come about?

It’s kind of  cool to be the age myself and the others (so I think) are. Our age kind of gives us history as far as where music has come, and where it is going. We all have a broad background of music that we like. A lot of us listen to very different stuff then the other. Which is nice. And somehow, we all can agree on what we are doing for FNL.  Which is great, not just for us, but for the product these minds will come up with. It’s not like we’re reinventing the wheel. But we can still bring the appeal.  

What was the most challenging song to make for you guys?

 Neck Deep. Period. 4 Key changes, 3 titles, 2 lyric overhauls and our producer swapping the parts around like Legos. Nothing took longer than this song but in the end it’s one of our favorite songs.

You guys really sound like you had fun making the record, as the record itself is so much fun. Do you guys have a lot of fun together?

Shoot, a couple of us, Nate & I, hardly act serious when we are all together. We can get serious. But our ADHD bounces off one another. Making the record was of course fun as all get up. When you can hang out with each other for hours and watch each individual dial up their craft and nail parts and create new parts. Pushing ourselves and overcoming challenges. And with the way it came out, we couldn’t be more pleased. 

What’s next for the band?

We are working on management and booking as we hope to start touring. Writing of course and continuing our journey as musicians. 

Who’s the craziest in the group?

It might be Joey (myself) but then again. Define crazy.

Any plans for touring?

Absolutely, we are working on management and booking as we speak. As long as we do this with the right team. We are hitting the road for sure. 

What’s next for the band?

EP release, management, booking, touring, more product, and meeting new people in new places. 

Who are your major influences? 

Travis Barker has always been my number 1 influence musically. My parents have always told me to not give up on music and to fight for it. So Having that support has kept me going. –Dan

I was always influenced by any musician that did anything they worked hard at. But I was really influenced by Brandon Lee. His life taken making one of my favorite films, The Crow. Life can be taken so quickly. Making sure I live my life to fullest doing what I absolutely love most, is my path. –Joey

My grandfather. He played harmonica all his life, and I always looked up to him (Iike most kids look up to their grandfather) he’s a huge influence on me, both with my music career and just life in general. – Nate

Hardcore bands like Backtrack influence my playing style. I enjoy listening to State Champs and The Wonder Years a lot as well. – Jesse.

Oscar Meyer hot dogs. Consistent quality since 1883 with a flavor that does not quit. I mention it because my parents said I went ape shit over the Oscar Meyer truck shaped like a hot dog. And sung their anthem religiously. -Matt

How do you approach a live show differently from recording in the studio?

That’s a good question. The songs were written before the studio. Then, reworked in pre-pro. Going into the studio you’re not totally prepared. You just have to be ready to work. For a live show. You have got to put in a lot of work making those songs sound crisp as well as looking entertaining. So, now you have to put a little extra into those rehearsals. Like there’s people actually in the room with you. I’m an “on-the-fly” kind of guy. So I never really know what I’m going to do. It depends on the room and who’s in it. 

If there is anything I left out, feel free to say a random thought or feeling. Whatever you want to say, feel free!

Well, I’d like to encourage anyone young, middle age, or older, to seek help, guidance or assistance if LIFE is throwing some curve balls your way! LIFE isn’t easy. If it was. Life would be boring as hell. If you’re struggling with something, please, go find someone to talk to. You might not find the right person or perfect ear to bend on the first try. So don’t quit on yourself. You deserve a place on this earth. Fight for your place. The victory will amaze you. 

Thanks Joey, we really appreciate you and the guys taking the time to answer our questions. We and our readers will be looking out for you guys on the road soon and the new EP Wherever You May Be ..VERY SOON ! But here is little taste of what is here to come.

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