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[Album Review] Every Day Feels Friday with Friday Night Lites’ EP

              Alternative-Punk music is something that is long missed by several rockers. We all like to bounce around and have fun while we’re jamming. The EP from Friday Night Lites is something that brings all of those fun elements of alternative back. This record is extremely fun and every single song on the 7 song EP is catchy.

“It’s kind of cool to be the age myself and others (I think) are. Our age kinds of gives us history as far as where music has come and where it is going”, says Joey from Friday Night Lites. These guys take their broad backgrounds of music and combine them into one. The lyrics are meaningful and several of us could relate. This EP never loses any musical talents throughout the whole thing. From beginning to end, you will find something within every song.

“Neck Deep” is one of the most notable tracks on the EP and is a great way to start off the album, this song is what Friday Night Lites is about. Joey from the band talks about how challenging this song was to make, “4 key changes, 3 titles, 2 lyric overhauls and our producer swapping parts around like Legos. Nothing took longer than this song, but in the end, it’s one of our favorite songs” says Joey Genovese. This EP has everything from fast paced banging songs, to simpler more melodic tracks like “The Blind Side”. Every part of this record gives the listener a happy vibe all the way through.

This album is such a breath of fresh air for those that miss that punk rock, jumping, and fun era. Well, thanks to the awesome band Friday Night Lites, we can all have it back. Every song on this album is a blast and could be played several times without getting tired of it. Please, go get a copy when the album drops on November 20th. There are great things in store for this band.

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