It’s hard to hate ETF with “Hate Me”


Escape the Fate has been through a lot of storms throughout their amazing career with lineup changes and feuds with other bands and members, but they have overcome that with their new album “Hate Me” releasing on October 30th. Longtime fans have something that they can look forward to and Escape the Fate is sure to grab some new fans with this new album. This brand new record is an amazing twist of dark and beautiful all in the same package.

“Hate Me” does a wonderful job of leading you into the record with an amazing intro within the first song “Just a Memory” to prep your ears for an amazing ride. This isn’t just a musically amazing record, this album is lyrically the best album written from Escape the Fate. This whole album focuses on issues that we all go through on a day to day basis. “Hate Me” is a great tool to use to know that someone is going through the same things as someone. Songs like “Remember Every Scar” really touch sensitive subjects that could help anyone get through a storm.

Musically, ETF really pushed the boundaries with what they can all accomplish as a band. There are a broad range of different types of rock within this album. Every metal fan is bound to find a treat in this album. If the listener is a fan of breakdowns and metalcore, they will find plenty of heavy riffs, fast paced drums, blood-pumping screaming vocals. Escape the Fate, do show a more evolved sound with beautiful ballads that are filled with catchy choruses. “Let Me Be” is one of the most notable ballads on the record, which is bound to melt anyone’s heart.

Overall, this album is a wild ride. There are so many emotions that can get someone through their day or hard times in life. “Hate Me” has something for everyone to enjoy. The Escape the Fate Camp will all be very pleased for all the hard work that Escape the Fate has put into this album. The band is bound to grab tons of new fans. Escape the Fate are back, and they are back with a vengeance.

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