Adakain Hits Home with “Never Coming Home”

Adakain - Never Coming Home Cover - 1600 x 1600

Rock N’ Roll has evolved since the 80’s when rock music was associated with sex, drugs, and just plain rock n’ roll. Now, it deals with many emotional subjects and feelings. Well, mostly every band with the exception of Adakain. “Never Coming Home” is a straight rock n’ roll record, mixing in with the new sounds of today with some elements of an awesome classical rock sound. This is a record that could be played at a party on repeat and everyone could enjoy it.

“Never Coming Home” does a wonderful job of getting the listener pumped up and allowed to be taken to a world of partying, lusting, and having a good time. Songs like “Hey Girl” and “Hate Sex” are the most notable songs of showing what this band is about. Adakain has a sensitive side too, with tracks like the title track “Never Coming Home”, there is something that anyone can grab from this album.

Musically, the album is wonderful. All of the sub-genres that rock and metal brings to the table, Adakain brings to their album. There are influences of both older and classic rock all the way to metal. The band gets to the grind in every song. They give the best they can for the album. When the music reaches ears, it will become evident. Adakain takes what rock n’ roll stood for and proudly embraces this with every song. Adakain is coming for the music industry. They know what they want and they are coming to get it.


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Adakain is on tour now, Chcck them out at a venue near you:

Oct 23 Scout Bar Houston, TX RSVP
Oct 24 THE GIG Beaumont, TX RSVP
Oct 25 Southport Music Hall New Orleans, LA RSVP
Oct 27 Vinyl Pensacola, FL RSVP
Oct 29 House of Blues Orlando, FL RSVP
Oct 30 Masquerade Atlanta, GA Tickets RSVP
Nov 03 Music Farm Charleston, SC RSVP
Nov 04 The Blue Fox Winchester, VA RSVP
Nov 05 Canal Club Richmond, VA RSVP
Nov 06 Headquarters Salisbury, MD RSVP
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