New Found Glory were “Ready and Willing” to take on Mavericks Live in Jacksonvilles Fl.


New Found Glory

Coral Springs natives New Found Glory was ‘ready and willing’ as the hit the stage at Mavericks Live at the Landing in down town Jacksonville on Tuesday Night. NFG hit the stage with Jacksonville natives Yellowcard and guest Tigers Jaw on the their tour across the country from Oct thru November.

Pop-punk icons New Found Glory are out supporting a released their new album Resurrection: Ascension last week! This is a reissue of their latest album Resurrection, and includes 2 new tracks, “The Enemy” and “The Crown” a new version of “Vicious Love” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore, a new version of “Ready and Willing,” and a few unreleased acoustic tracks.

Maverick Live was in for a Florida reunion treat with these two native suns hitting the stage in one night, the place was packed to the gill with sweaty body upstair hanging on to their spots at the rail and bodies packing the floor like sardine from the front of the house to the back to the VIP area.

Tigers Jaw took the plate first, The Scranton duo, Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins, flesh out their melodic alternative sound on stage by expanding into a five-piece. Tiger Jaw played to stellar first set to warm up the place..Not that it need any worming up. Lead singer Ben belting out some great lyrics that were real emotion that really touched the audience and got them singing and moving side to side. Brianna was just as on point with her singing and playing.


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New Found Glory
hit the stage running next and busted out a 20 song set at Mavericks. The guys went straight for the hard-hitting songs with muscular riffs and effortlessly catchy leads courtesy of Gilbert, like “Resurrection” the opener off the new record Resurrection and moved into the “Understatement” and then on to crowd favorite “Hit and Miss”. The packed crowd was filled the high energy from fans that had been listening to NFG from the get go, a band that has been around the for over 17 yrs now, to new fans that are just now getting their feel for a band. NFG  may be the ‘old kids’ on the tour but they really now how to put on a show. The band is so in touch with the fans they  even snapped up a working photographer out of the audience that they had spotted a few time in the crowd singing every song  word for word, asking him to pick out a song that was not on the set list and they would play it with him on the stage to enjoy his dream moment.

This punk pop band from the 90’s have change their ways and gone to the more rounded rock sounds and even hitting it harder to the sounds of alternative to melodic hardcore sound. The band has come a long way in recent years for sure, but he hard-core fans still love the music they are putting out. The band is masters for their ability to write infectious hooks and the sincerity of their lyrics, often about growing up and relationships that kept the place rocking and rolling through out their long set.


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Yellowcard, home-grown Jacksonvillions, hit what was left of the stage after NFG. Once the crowd saw lead singing and guitar player Ryan Key come out on stage, they went nuts. The crowds got so into the music jumping up and down, that you could actually feel the wood floor moving under your feet. The long-awaited return of the band was met with screams and bodies surfing the crowd from start to finish. Mackin, the Violinist, really kept the crowd going , as he would encourage  them to clap and scream. But that was the last thing they need encouragement to do for this night of punk pop that filled the air of Mavericks Live.

They say that pop-punk scene is lost its luster, but they forgot to tell crowd in Jacksonville on a Tuesday night. This tour was to show that it is still here and stronger than ever ! It also just goes to show you that middle ages guys, that have underwear old then some of the kids that were there, can rock out with the young little whipper snappers to music that is played by band like New Found Glory and Yellowcard together and have a great time.




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