‘Nothing More’ definitely had “Something More” for Jack Rabbits Live in Jacksonville Fl. on the – Monster Energy Outbreak Tour-


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Jack Rabbits Live was the place to be in Jacksonville Fl. on Monday night,why you ask, because one of the hottest band and most anticipated tour of the summer ” Monster Energy Outbreak Tour” – This “hole in the wall” venue was about to get the roof blown clear off , Headlining this tour-  the hardest working band of the Summer… Nothing More . with a little help from their friends  Separations, Turbowolf, The Color Morale, to help with cracking the foundation and bringing the fans this crazy hard-hitting tour. It also helped that this had to be bar none the hottest show of the summer for these guess, LITERALLY !!. I think the ceiling was sweating it was so HOT ! but the packed house with wall to wall fans didn’t seem to mind it, they were here to see and listen to some of the best music on the road today.

Separations , out of Atlanta, Was the first band to come out and break a sweat. They can out with a purpose, hitting hard and often. The quintet strikes a delicate balance between energetic heaviness and melodic hypnosis on its full-length debut album for Imagen Records, ‘Dream Eater,’ which was released October 2, 2015. They have been lucky to have to play on Sirius XM Octane with “Dream Eater”, as lead vocalist Will Crafton , and they were truly grateful to Nothing More for asking them to come out on tour with them and show some new fans what they got,..and they did just that !

Second out of the gate fresh from the UK, their first ever US tour, was Turbowolf ! Not a lot of people in the place know who they were, but they sure did leave a lasting impression on many as they voluted through their set. The band is a mix of sound contains elements of rock & roll, psychedelia, heavy metal, punk rock and electronica. The full band is highly energetic throughout the show, but Chris Georgiadis the  (Vocals / Synth) is one of those guys that leaves a lasting memory in your head during and after the show! They are out on tour supporting their release of their new album ‘Two hands’ which dropped on Spotify on the 7th of April 2015. Look out America Turbowolf is coming for ya and the fans are building as we speak.

The post-hardcore band from Rockford, Illinois,The Color Morale  steps up to the plate, Since Marmozets having to drop off the tour do to a serious knee injury requiring surgery sustained by Becca the lead singer. The Color Morale was asked by Nothing More to join the tour and the admiringly said yes. The band fit in nicely in the rotation, and if the place wasn’t hot and dripping with sweat of a few hundred people in a packed no window or air flow venue, then it as about to ten fold,.Cus these dude do not mess around. Don’t let the hard hitting sounds and screaming fool ya, these guys are all about positivity  and they cranked out songs from ‘Hold On Pain Ends’ like  ‘Prey For Me’, ‘Outer Demonds” and ‘Damnaged’. They even allowed a little dude from the front row to come up and play a little symbols with the band. Their set was epic !

By the time the opener were done with the place, the place was one fire..well at least it felt like it anyway. It was one messy sticky hot and humid place at the end of TCM, But the crowd had not missed a beat with going crazy for all the openers, but they know who was coming up next, and they didn’t care if the place was really on fire..They were not going anywhere until the they saw what they had some to see and that was ‘ Nothing More‘ to rip this place wide open like a tin can.

The energy was flowing like i have never seen it Jack Rabbits, and the crowd was buzzing with excitement to get to see the highest energetic band to hit a stage since Red Hot Chili Peppers back in the days. Nothing More is like an atomic bomb just ready to explode, the energy these guys let drip from their pores are absorbed by the audience and given back the band seven fold. It is magical to see it happen in person,.It doesn’t matter if they are playing a small hole in the wall venue like Jack Rabbits that hold 250 in Jacksonville Florida, or a huge festival in Sacramento Ca with thousands of fans., these guys bleed their music, and they are their to give you a  show of a life time that you will never forget. Even in the harshest conditions they play like it is like it their last, and rock the hell out of the place !!

They crushed through the place with tunes like “This is the Time (Ballast)” , which is one of their most popular song on new album released early this year as well as the ‘Jenny’ , as song about mental illness that struck home to Jonny Hawkins and he felt like he needed other to know about it, and the best way these days to get though to the masses and the younger people this days it through music. The song is a great way to get the word out about mental health, and that there are ways to combat it and live a normal life with it.

Nothing More is one of those bands that you are going to hear a lot about in the future, they have the passion for the music and the drive to get messages to the masses in ways that the music industry needs at this time. They are dedicated to the fans as we saw at Jack Rabbits  making the most of what you are given.. and giving your all no matter what !!

The show as a hug success with all the band throwing down in a sweaty hot Florida weather, and showing the fans…You can rock out in the not so best conditions and have a freaking awesome time !! If you can catch the one of the few remaining stops of the tour this week, You need to get out and check them out on their next tour !!

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