[Feature of the day] SUNFLOWER DEAD- Are ” Dancing With Death” !!.. with their new record ” It’s Time To Get Weird “

Sunflower Dead

SUNFLOWER DEAD Press Photo (secondary) courtesy of Neil Zlozower


Beauty and ugliness, good and evil, ying and yang and more so than that, just plain fun.

Sunflower Dead is dynamic rock that really hits hard when they need to and at the same time is melodic when the time it right. Their anthems of chaos, disruption, life, beauty and rage, are both tragic and beautiful delivered with the passion that can only come from someone who has lived it.

Their new album It’s “Time To Get Weird, produced by Dave Fortman (Evanescence,Slipknot, Godsmack) and Mikey Doling (Gemini Syndrome) is a healthy dose of intense rock energy combined with honest and heart-felt lyrics that has been missing in rock radio for quiet some time.

The band inceptions started with a conversations began between Droid guitarist Jamie Teissere and long time fellow musicians Michael Del Pizzo (vocals, accordion, piano)and Jaboo (guitar). The talks were about forming a band based on the simple idea of putting together a group of guys, hand-picked from other bands that were the driving force behind their respective acts. the guys agreed that this band had to be more than just more guys wearing jeans and t-shirts on and off the stage, they had to be larger than life. the three added bassist Luis Gascon (Bucket Head), since replaced by Lats Kearns(Memento) and drummer Jimmy Schultz who has appeared with an array of bands(including a short time touring with In This Moment).

Front-man Michael Del Pizzo was recently asked about the new ” Its Time To Get Weird ” album saying ” –

“The new album was a magical experience from minute one”– ” “While we were finishing touring behind our debut album in August 2014, we made a list of producers we wanted to work with. At the top of that list was Dave Fortman. Before we even got off the road, our good friend Mikey Doling got Dave toagree to co-produce the album with him (double win) and we were set. Immediately, wecame home, made a thesis for the new album and started demoing songs that exemplified that thesis for Dave and Mikey to hear. With their feedback, incredibly cohesive writing sessions and a super smooth pre-production period, I can honestly say,that was the most exciting and unselfish time I can ever remember being in a band. SFD had booked 30 days to record this new album and we did it in 12. There is nothingabout it I would change, no ego, no friction, just 7 guys all working towards making thebest record possible. We wrote 12 songs and recorded 10, the 10 songs we needed totake this band to the next level. Sunflower Dead made a list of everything we learned from 2 years on the road, along with the guidance of everyone we had ever come into contact with in the industry and combined that with every ounce of drive we have to create our collective greatest musical achievement to date (that includes all our previous bands which looking back were really stepping-stones to get to this point). Thetitle of the record is “It’s Time To Get Weird” which is the bands theme. The 5 of us 100% believe that we achieved our goal of being ourselves on this album.

Sunflower Dead has been touring non stop since their formation completing 6 US tours and sharing the stage with bands such as Korn, In This Moment, Hellyeah, All That Remains, Ill NIno, Hed PE, Nonpoint, Snot, Powerman 5000, and Soil. Their debut album was voted Revolvers Album Of The Week in August 2012. The band continues to create an ever growing fan base of die hard self named “Evil Seeds”.

The songs on It’s Time To Get Weird are the result of a journey where dreams and tragedy can exist side by side.


The Sunflower Dead are:

Michael Del Pizzo (Vocals, Accordion, Piano)

Jaboo (Lead Guitar)

Jamie Teissere (Guitar)

Lats – (Bass)

Jimmy Schultz (Drums)











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