[European Band Of The Week] Takida..Taking Sweden By Storm !

2rhb2w4In today’s world, where music is around every corner, a lot of the music outside of our country is overlooked. Ange, Sweden’s own Takida is a 5 piece hard rock band with a great sound and vast library of music to offer, which can be summed up in the band’s greatest hits “A Lesson Learned – The Best of”. Formed in 1999, they have rose to the top of the rock scene in Sweden, with two platinum records and one gold record under their belt, they are at the top of their game. They’ve continued to sell out shows in Sweden and have supported such bands as Theory of a Deadman, The Butterfly Effect, and Lifehouse. All of the greatness of their live show can even be seen in their very own live DVD entitled “Takida – Live”.

Takida first signed to Ninetone Records in 2005, began recording, and released their debut album “…Make You Breathe” that spawned amazing hits such as “Losing” and “Reason to Cry”. They did a great majority of supporting other bands to promote their name and record throughout Sweden. In May 2007, Takida released their sophomore album “Bury The Lies”. The album showed a bit more aggressive and melodic side of Takida, spawning their most successful song to date, “Curly Sue” was number one on active radio for several weeks. “Handlake Village” was another song that stayed on the music charts. “Bury The Lies” ended up sitting atop the charts for nearly 89 weeks. This album was the 38th most successful chart topper of all time in Sweden.dcabfd

With the success of two great albums, Takida was approached by several major record companies, but turned them down, and decided that Takida should continue on their own label, Takida AB, and in 2010 they released their third record “The Darker Instinct” which sold 40,000 copies in its first week of release, and was later certified platinum.  “As You Die” and “Things We Owe” climbed the charts for months. Within just a little over a year, Takida released their 4th record “The Burning Heart”, which also was certified gold in Sweden.

Takida continues to find success today, with a 5th album that was released March of 2013 “All Turns Red” which still is played all around Sweden on active rock radio. The band is currently touring and doing festivals. In 2016, it is expected that the guys are going to record a new record. Some of their music is available in America through digital and streaming outlets such as iTunes and Spotify. The three albums featured are “The Darker Instinct”, “The Burning Heart”, and “All Turns Red”. Takida is a band that should have global exposure and will hopefully continue to spread through the world.


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