[Album Review] The eleventh Clutch studio album ‘Psychic Warfare’ goes straight for the throat!!

Clutch –  is set to release their eleventh album “Psychic Warfare” via the band’s own label, Weathermaker Music on Oct 2nd. But we got a early copy of it to chew on for a little bit and what he heard it is one kick in the teeth straight from the get go! 

The guys – Neil Fallon-Vocals/Guitar, Jean-Paul Gaster-Drums, Dan Maines-Bass, Tim Sult-Guitar – set the bar high with their last album ” Earth Rocker ” which hit 15th on the billboard charts. But from what we heard on this album, they have no worries on surpassing that mark with “Psychic Warfare”.

The Affidavit is the  first track out of the blocks which set the tone for the rest of the album starting out with a voice asking “what happened? ….. in your words”. Then you are taken for a little music ride.The narrative of “The Affidavit” sets the scene for an album of gunslingers, energy weapons, paranoid inhibition. It’s a jumbled lyrical landscape populated by hypothetical characterization.

 ‘X-ray Visions ’ is comes up next, According to Fallon, the “X-Ray Visions” lyrical concept was influenced by Philip K. Dick, the science fiction author whose 1968 novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” was the basis for “Blade Runner”. Neil said:

“[Dick‘s] general philosophy and questions have always crept into my lyrics, because I share an interest in it. On ‘Earth Rocker’, ‘Crucial Velocity’ was definitely a Philip K. Dick song for me. On this record, ‘X-Ray Visions’ certainly is.”

From the throat grabbing song of X- ray Visions, you are then thrown into “Freebirds“, a song with toe tapping guitar riffs that will get you into the groove of the album with its high-speed in your face cutting sound- Which lead fully in to the head swaying , groovy, funk style of ” A quick Death in Texas”- this is one of those songs that you want to just but on repeat is so good, and its got some great harmonies as well.

Sucker for the Witch” start out with a killer bass riff by Dan Maines,  that you can hear and feel though out the entire song. The song is really bass driving with nice some masterful drumming by Jean-Paul GasterIf you like  more of a Southern rock feel you are going to love ” Your Love Is Incarceration“, It really has the southern rock-blues funk to it. Tim Sult riffs and lonesome guitar licks, and the funk undercurrent of “Your Love Is Incarceration,” color Psychic Warfare with articulate musicality and comfortable familiarity.

“Doom Salon” is an intro that set the stage for the Quentin Tarantino-ish  gun slinging country western movie song “Our Lady Of Electric Light” , it has one of those gradual building tunes that keep building and building tell you get to the meat of the song and then you are hooked with the climatic guitar solo by Tim Sult .

And if you have not gotten the groove to this album,You then switch in to high gear with ‘Noble Savage’ and ‘Behind the Colossus’ , And where you get kicked in the face by the three-legged mule, in ” Decapitation Blues”and raise your fist in the air and sing along, because these are the song that become the anthems of the album, and you can just hear the live audience roaring and fist bumping the these two songs, Neil Fallon does an adroit job on all the vocals, but i feel he really showcases his vocal ability on these three songs.

The closing track is ” Son Of Virginia”, Is nice slow grind to end an epic new release by Clutch, The album is going to be one to watch on the charts for sure. The album wraps up with just how it started with a narrative of the detective saying ” Forgive me if i appear to be Vexed by your statement, but it that is the way you recall it, …put your name at the bottom line , and thank you for your time”

Clutch has really out done themselves with ” PSYCHIC WARFARE”…In the past, Clutch consciously made each album conspicuously different from the last one. “We had a sadistic fear of repeating ourselves,” Fallon admits. “But over the last few years, we’ve realized our strengths and what it is that people like about us. Why deny it? Clutch is Clutch, embrace what you are.”

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