Northernmost Premiere New ‘Pinedale’ EP with AbsolutePunk!

Premiere Pinedale EP
Exclusively with AbsolutePunk!
Taunton, MA – September 17, 2015 – Sounding like a fresh combination of Brand New and Balance and Composure, reverb rockers Northernmost are set to take their place in today’s music scene. The Massachusetts-based quintet has been steadily gearing up for the release of their newPinedale EP, due out September 18 (tomorrow!) through Rude Fox Records. Pinedale takes the band in a direction that they had never truly explored, and the result is something both fans and new listeners will surely get behind. “The EP is intended to be a brighter and slightly more upbeat release before we get dark on the next one,” says drummer Tyler Bragger. “We’ve been experimenting with more ambient sounds and minimalism which is something that we’re not used to because we’re more of a layered band. We’re working on a ‘less is more’ basis while still keeping the Northernmost sound.” Just a day ahead of the release, AbsolutePunk has the full stream of the project, which can be heard here:
Pinedale Track listing:
  1. Greenbrier
  2. Milo
  3. Cloudy
  4. Afterglow
Northernmost Online:


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