[Live Review] Firestarter heats up at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville Fl.

Firestarter Concert Review: Jack Rabbits September 5th, 2015

4Firestarter, alternative rock band from Albany, New York, performed as one the openers for Survey Says at Jack Rabbits this past Saturday. With their new EP that is currently available for download, these guys are definitely well know. They even performed new songs from there EP titled “A Life Consistent”. They have also been on tour this whole summer so it was a pleasure to listen to a band that I’ve never heard of. Although Jack Rabbits wasn’t too packed because I’m sure anyone else didn’t know who the band was, the guys definitely set up the stage well. Being interactive with a crowd even with small people shows that they care people at least came out for support and to hear their music. One of the songs of their new EP that they performed titled “Worth the Wait” had me thinking back to high school days where I would bob my head to Blink 182 or Limp Bisquit. Firestarter is definitely a band that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. There edgy sounds and stage presence makes you want to know the guys a little more. Make sure to check out their website firestarterband.com for more information on the band and to listen to their new EP.



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