Motörhead-“Bad Magic”- ALBUM REVIEW-

PrintMotörhead has been around the Rock & Roll scene for over 40 yrs. now, if you don’t know who Motörhead is, you are missing out on one of the most iconic rock and roll bands of our time. They are simply timeless, straight down to their sound and the clothes they wear, they are one of those bands that when you hear them play, you know is it Motörhead. The band itself has changed  very little thought out the past 20 years, but the sounds and look stays the same, but there is no denying  Lemmy Kilmister is the face and voice of Motorhead from the beginning, and that hasn’t changed much either.

Bad Magic” is produced by Cameron Webb and features the Motörhead that we have known the longest, at just over 30 years, with Phil Campbell on guitar and Mikkey Dee on drums. Once known as the loudest band in rock and roll, Lemmy and the band have been blowing fans ears out for years with their straight up- We don’t give a shit if you like it or not kind of music- and there is no need to change now. The formula they have is just unfailing.

The opening song that sets the tone-starts out with Lemmy- in that recognizable gravelly voice, singing “Victory or Die” right before the music hits, It really sets the tone for the rest of the album, with rattling guitars riffs and Mikkey Dee really wales on the skins like he is beating the hell out of someone, which blends in nicely with the heavy bass playing of Lemmy.

The album is rattled with the prototypical Motörhead through and through, like “electricity” and “Fire Storm Hotel”, which is straight up Rock & Roll- but if you listen hard, you will hear a few stimulating stuff that you may not have ever heard out of a Motörhead album, we will let you decide if that is something good and bad.

Choking On Your Dreams” is one track that stands out to be a little diverse from the rest; it is a little softer voice, but masterfully eerie and spooky at the same time. The band shows its multiplicity and slows down the tempo a bit with “Tell the End”, and hits you with a ballad with silky smooth guitar playing by Campbell with a few spiky high note mini solos, to fill in here and there, with Lemmy making sure everyone knows that he can slow it down and sing, even at 70 yrs. young. “Evil Eye” is one track that stands out from the beginning, it showcases Dee’ magnificent drumming from the get go. This flows into “Teach Me How to Bleed, which exposed Phil’s first rate guitar playing.

The guys wrap up the album in a nice little package with a Rolling Stones cover “Sympathy from the Devil” like only Motörhead can do it, Lemmy stays true to his root and doesn’t overdo it or to sing it like Mick, but puts a little Motörhead flare on it.

Bad Magic” is going to bring Motörhead nothing but “Good Magic” with this new offering to their devoted fans, it is magnificently mixed with the sound and vocals we have all grown to command from Motörhead, as well as a few nice breaks from the classic Motörhead. “Bad Magic” is not rock, and not metal, and it isn’t even punk, IT IS …. “Motörhead

Black Magic”, the 22nd studio album, is yet another loud in your face album we have all come to know and want from Motörhead. In my best Lemmy voice…IF IT AINT FUCKING BROKE DON’T FUCKING FIX IT !!

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