[Interview] Ryan Ewing does it all “Literally” on his NEW ” Mixed Signal” Album, We talk to him about it !

Hey there, music lovers!
Are you tired of the bar music scene?
Sick of swiping left on the latest hit single?
Unable to e-harmonize with the current chart-toppers?

Don’t worry: Your friends at Five Seven Music are ready to play matchmaker. Check out these potential suitors, who will be available in your area when Ryan Ewing’s debut alt-rock album, Mixed Signals, drops August 7th.

*Meet Ryan #1. He’s the charismatic front man, armed with a gritty, commanding voice that’s highlighted on the album’s first single, the guitar-rock anthem “Down We Go.” “It tells the story of an innocent girl being preyed upon by this dark entity, but ultimately, embracing it. Think Eve meets Belle, but as played by Penny Lane from Almost Famous,” says Ryan.  “And yeah- it’s from the perspective of the dark entity, but I swear I’m a really great guy once you get to know me.” Ryan writes all the band’s music, so if you want to have a deep discussion about the electrifying debut single, or the brutally honest track “Lights Out,” Ryan’s your man.

*Meet Ryan #2. He’s the cute one, and the band’s resident self-deprecating jokester and comic book fan. So much so, that his love of superheroes inspired the track “Hero.” “I could lie and say this song came from some deep, spiritual epiphany, but the truth is…I’m a geek, and was inspired by a trailer for a superhero flick,” Ryan admits.  A Victoria, Texas native, Ryan first picked up the drums when he was a PK (“That’s what pastors’ kids call themselves to feel cooler,” he says) and joined his minister father and organist mother’s church band. But his real claim to fame? The time he won luggage as an audience member on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee. Maybe he’ll let you borrow it sometime. Or you can just keep it…

*Meet Ryan #3. He’s the heart and soul of the band, the mysterious, quiet bassist. But behind the cooler-than-you shades is the mind of a music industry vet. After Ryan moved from Victoria,Texas to New York, he landed a gig working in video production at The Eleven Seven Music Group, home to chart-toppers Mötley Crüe and Papa Roach, among many others. “It has given me a general understanding of the process, which hopefully keeps me from getting lost in delusions of grandeur when my mom tells me I’m special,” Ryan says of his industry background.  He even used that background as the literal background of the “Down We Go” video, which he self-produced in the label’s office kitchen…for a whopping $60.  He may work at a rock label in NYC, but he is ready to rock your world!

*Meet Ryan #4. He’s the riff-writing guitarist and aspiring rock god, who first picked up the instrument when he was three years old. His parents were quick enough to record the moment, and a singing, strumming, toddler Ryan can be heard at the top of Mixed Signals… along with Ryan’s mother saying, “I’ve made a mistake,” upon realizing she had created a proverbial ‘monster’ by facilitating his musicianship.  “It kicks off ‘Down We Go’, which is all about corruption of innocence…pretentious enough?” Ryan jokes about the sample.  It’s Ryan’s guitar skills that led to his record deal. While in Atlantic City to attend a Meat Loaf concert with coworkers, Ryan found himself performing an original tune in front of his boss, Eleven Seven founder Allen Kovac — on a guitar actually belonging to Meat Loaf’s guitarist.  Kovac was impressed enough to offer Ryan a record deal.  So if you are looking for Mr. Right Place at the Right Time, than make a date with Ryan #4.

Can’t decide which Ryan is right for you? Well, we’ve got some good news: You don’t have to pick just one!   You get all these Ryans and more on the debut album Mixed Signals. That’s right — Ryan Ewing played all the instruments on the album, which features production by Kato Khandwala (Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Pretty Reckless), and special guests Chuck Burgi (Drummer for Billy Joel) and Brian Weaver (Bassist of Silvertide) on “Ain’t Lookin’,” co-written by Khandwala.

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