Cape Snow Debuts Videos 🎥, Record Out Now!

Cape Snow Premieres Videos from Full-Length Debut
out now on Burst & Bloom

“Sweet Dreams” (via Magnet)

“Flesh and Blood” (via Big Takeover)

“Sweet Dreams” – Cape Snow
Flesh and Blood” – Cape Snow
Cape Snow Out Now via Burst & Bloom Records

“Cape Snow features members from the East and West Coasts, but it’s hard to believe that the band’s songs weren’t composed in the same room” Magnet

“… how perfectly gorgeous this song is, and how Bree’s tender vibrato breaks our heart. The aching lyrics struck us, too.” – The Big Takeover

Stream :: Request a physical copy

Press release + images

“One More Time” is the only track that has been cleared to share with your friends and followers, alike.

Videos Cleared to Post: “Sweet Dreams” | “Flesh and Blood”

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