[Interview] Miss May I release their 5th studio album on Aug 7th, We talked bassist Ryan Neff about the new record and more!

[Interview] Miss May I release their 5th studio album on Aug 7th, We talked bassist Ryan Neff about the new record and more!

After months of anticipation, Ohio’s esteemed metal band Miss May I have released their 5th studio album, Deathless, on August 7th with Rise Records. The album is now available for purchase at  iTunes, Amazon, www.MissMayIMusic.com and at all digital platforms and select physical retailers.
Additionally, fans can stream the album in its entirety at Youtube and Spotify.
Miss May I hold nothing back on their long-awaited new album Deathless. Produced by Joey Sturgis (Of Mice & Men) and Nick Sampson (Asking Alexandria), the band unleashes an onslaught of heavy riffs and guttural vocals on 10 unrelenting tracks like “I.H.E.” and “Deathless.”
Miss May I is currently wrapping up the last few dates on the Vans Warped Tour and are expected to announce additional tour dates in the weeks to come. Stay tuned towww.facebook.com/MissMayIMusic for more updates.
We had a chance to ask bassist Ryan Neff a few questions right before the last Warped Tour date.
1. This new record has taken you almost a full year to make, what has made this record different then the rest to make it take long to make then the previous records?
They all take a while to make, the big difference with this one was location. Justin and Bj were writing songs worldwide, and when it came time to hit the studio we had loads of demos to choose from. Then we started to narrow it down at the studio.

2. ‘Deathless’ seems a little heavier the previous album, why go heavier on this one, Was their a certain song that you guy wrote that just made you go to the HEAVIER side this time?
We usually write records that reflect how things are going outside the band. The last year was a tumultuous one for us and when we got to the studio the aggression really came out. “Deathless” happened to be first track we wrote and finished together at the studio so that set the tone. 

3. You guys have come back to Joey Strugis on this record, Why?, What does Joey bring to the table that some of the others don’t?

We believe the sound of this record is the why. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done, and Joey is a huge part of it. We’ve had more success with him than any other producer and knew it’s what our fans wanted. Joey brings confidence to the table for us. We just feel like we are going to deliver when we’re working with him. Huge piece of the puzzle for us going into a record.

4.  That goes for Nick Sampson as well, Do the two (Joey and Nick) bring different ways/styles to produce that make you want to have both of them on board on this record?
Working with Nick was a logistical decision in the beginning, not our choice. We knew Nick from gigging together but hadn’t worked together yet so we were a little unsure at first, but once we got to the studio and began tracking we were so pumped up about Nick. It was like adding a 7th musical nerd to the team who just wanted to make Deathless the coolest record it could be. And god damn it if that dude isn’t one of the most talented guitar players on Earth! Was a blast shredding with him. 

5.  You guys are just wrapping up the Vans Warped Tour, How  do you fell this year has differed from previous year..if any?
We were “veterans” on the tour with it being our 3rd showing, 2nd on main stage. Other than that it was summer as usual for us. Loads of friends, thousands of great new fans, and lots of sun. (And the occasional rainy set)

6. If you could change anything on this new record what would it be, and why?
No changes. Hasn’t even been out long enough to make a decision along those lines.

7.  What song on this new album speak to you the most, and why?
They are all pretty personal, I think the artificial and deathless are my favs, both touch on things that I was feeling (along with levi) about certain aspects of the industry in the past few years. It’s good to get that shit off your chest.
8 .  What do you want your fans to take away from your live show when they leave?

“That kicked ass, let’s do that again sometime”

Ok..Now for for fun questions..
9. Do you think Michael Jackson was weird because he was a genius or was he a genius because he was weird?
Weird bc genius

10. . Do you dream in color or black & white? And, how do your dreams influence your music?

Color, and I can’t remember my dreams very well. I’ve been trying to lucid dream for months. 0 success

11. What song do you remember most from your childhood?
Achey Breaky Heart

12. If you can pick of your songs to be played at your funeral, what would it be?
If someone plays a miss may I song at my funeral I’m haunting them.
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