[Album Review] Sevendust Kill it with “Kill the Flaw”

downloadThe albums starts off with the song “Thank You”, which is a great example of the great mixtures that this band has to offer. The title of this song shows that they are completely gracious to the fans for all that Sevendust have accomplished because of their fans. The album just continues to get better as it goes on, leading into other songs like “Death Dance” which shows that nothing has changed in the elements of the bands composition of an album.

SVNDSTThe album does have heavy elements which are true to Sevendust, but you have songs like “Lettters” which is a catchy and vocally soft. This album has all the necessary requirements that a band needs to bring to the table and Sevndust have always been the one’s to do that. The whole album you can really tell that there was time taken in composing the music.

In conclusion, this an amazing record and completely well rounded, with mixtures of heavy riffs and double bass drums to amazing rock ballads and melodies. The listener could get mesmerized within the album and dive into every song like one should. “Kill the Flaw” will give you an escape from all the things going on in life and kill all your flaws while you’re listening to it.

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