The Escape leave their mark in “The Mark We Leave Behind”

The_Escape_PromoEvery band tries to find a way to blend, but yet sound very unique in the world of rock music. The Pennsylvanian four piece rock band, The Escape have definitely found a way to leave their mark. This EP is truly a great mix of several different sub-genres of rock music. You find several different traces of good wholesome rock music mixed with a slight twist of an alternative feel.

The_Escape_The_Mark_We_Leave_BehindLyrically, this EP has a message that everyone can relate to, whether that message be relationships, life in general, or just a message you find yourself. “Soon Forgotten” is a prime example. This song is simply about feeling left out or trying to make your mark so you will always be remembered. Within the same EP, the message changes to going through a hard time in a relationship in the awesome tune, “What Happened to Us”. There is something for everyone. This is just a small piece of what this EP has to offer to help guide you through life.

Musically, if there are fans of rock, this album must be given a listen. It ranges from hard rock all the way to alternative. This album is for those who grew up in all genres of rock, no matter your taste, there is something for everyone. “Underwater” is a song that would make anyone want to get up, headbang, and dance. You even have songs like “Living in a Dream” and “Waiting” which are amazing and beautiful ballads. Whatever the flavor, it will be found in The Escape’s mark in “The Mark We Leave Behind”

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