Shania Twain pulls out all the stops for her final time in Jacksonville on the “Rock This Country” Tour !!

Shania is back and better than ever… singing hit after hit not missing a beat! She came out with guns blazing .

Shania Twain-263

As the music started Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena and the crowd went into a screaming frenzy and the smoke cleared at the back of the stage, Shaina with her unfamiliar blonde locks, appeared singing ” Rock This Country” while being lifted high into the air by a lift and belting out the notes we are a familiar with, you could tell from the get go this was going to be a special night.- Shania fans were in for a treat of a lifetime !!

Wednesday night at a packed Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena Shania did what she does best, put on the best show she knows how, and turn it into a farewell Country Party along with large screens, flame shoot high off the stage along with fireworks bursting from the stage, oh, and we can’t forget the confetti guns as well.

Shania hasn’t toured for almost 11 years, except for some show in Vegas for a few years,but she showed us she hasn’t missed a beat Wednesday night. She worked the stage like a pro. She even went as far as taking a trip around the Arena on a mini stage pulled by security during one of her hit song “ Any Man of Mine”, while high fiving members of the audience, and the crowd dancing though out.

Shania’s band was equally as fantastic as she was, they would fill the void as Shania would go off stage to change, AND boy did they rock our at one changing…It was amazing!!One of the high lights of the show was Shania talking to the crowd about getting into the saddle again – Literally- sitting on a saddle riding high about the audience and singing and waving.

Her set was filled with 90’ hits like — “You Win My Love,” “Any Man of Mine,” “Come on Over,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and many more. She even slowed it down a bit with 3 acoustic songs, right after having Gavin Degraw come out for a duet of “Party For Two”

Gavin DeGraw warmed up the crowd with a nice 40 minute set, some may wonder, why Gavin for an opener, but I think he fit in nice with the rock theme of the show.  His piano playing and high energy really got the people out of their seats and moving.

Shania is a TALENTED entertainer, and one that always delivers a wonderful experience to anyone smart enough to purchase a ticket to her concerts. Hurry folks, it really does not get better than this!!!
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