[INTERVIEW] Chris George of ‘Sworn In’ talks Rockstar Mayhem Fest and More !!


This Summer ‘Sworn In’ is hitting the road with some heavy hitters on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Metal legends like Slayer, King Diamond and Hellyeah. They will be rubbing elbows with some the greatest musicians ever to hit the stage in metal or  music for that matter.

We had a chance to interview the drummer Chris G. of ‘Sworn In’ to ask a few questions to see how it is going to be like to play with these giants in the industry of metal. and how it it to be on tour with them.

Our first question we through at Chris was, How has this new album ” The Lovers/ The Devil” differ from your freshman album ” The Death Card”? Chris replied-

“With this album we tried to go for more of a low-tuned, droney, but melodic sound more focused on the bass of the music like Rap/Electronic music is. Both albums are conceptual, however ‘The Lovers/The Devil’ is a two part CD specifically about what it sounds/feels like to be in a destructive relationship.

We followed up with a question asking Chris about ‘How it feels to be playing with some of the greatest musicians of heavy metal like Slayer, King Diamond and HELLYEAH’? in which Chris answered-

”  To be honored would say the least, never thought I would see the day.”

When asked ” What do you think sets your band apart from the rest of the up and coming bands that people want to come and check out your show over theirs?

“We try to sound like an emotion. Not like a genre, and not like any other band.”

A lot of band have a set list of bands they would love to tour with, So we tossed that that question over to Chris to see who ” If he had a chance to tour with any band who would that be”?

“Avenged Sevenfold. Coolest band ever and we grew up on them.”

Who are your biggest influence in your music?
 “Klaus Nomi”
A lot of band when first starting out tend to do cover tune every now and again, we posed the question “Do you guys ever do any cover songs?..What are they?..and why those songs?

Our first songs ever as a band were cover songs of bands like Thrice, Anti-Flag, and more. Since then, no covers.

Our last question hit on what ‘Sworn In” has set for on the horizon, What is on the horizon for “Sworn In” after Mayhem Fest?
The great thing is it’s so up in the air. We have plans of something in the Fall that is big and have recently been filming a live session jazzy/acoustic arrangement of our most recent single. That’s to look forward to, but the rest we may only find after Mayhem and I think it’s exciting that way.

We would like to thank Chris G.for taking the time to answer our questions. And if you get a chance to see ‘ ‘Sworn In’ at Rockstar Mayhem Festival at a city near you.

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