David Crosby’s Songs at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

David Crosby-005

David Crosby

David Crosby took the stage last night at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall and promised the audience there was “no show business here, just me, my guitar, and the songs…it’s all about the songs.”  He delivered on his promise in an outstanding way.  Listening to his guitar playing, his still amazing vocals and the lyrics of his songs, it is hard to believe he is 73 years old.

Croz entertained the sold-out crowd with songs that spanned his entire career, including selections from all three bands he played with: Birds; Crosby, Stills and Nash; and CPR.  Between songs, he shared random thoughts such as “I have no idea where I am….have never heard of Ponte whatever, but happy I am here and really happy you are here”.   David Crosby bears a remarkable resemblance to Mark Twain, and like Mark Twain, he is the ultimate story teller, as evidenced by his lyrics in songs such as What’s Broken, Tracks In The Dust, and Naked In The Rain, which he stated was written after dropping acid (once). His lyrics are as relevant today as when the songs were originally written, and his new songs, such as Time I Have (“ Fear is the antithesis of peace”) reflect our current society.  His humor was loved by the crowd, as was his art…and make no mistake, his music is art.

David Crosby’s solo tour will continue through July 6th … if he comes near you, go listen…and if you can’t make his concert, give his new album Croz a listen.  Thank you Mr Crosby for a wonderful night of magical music and meaningful lyrics.

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