BuckCherry circles up and reigns in the crowd in Jacksonville at Mavericks !!

Buckcherry-004Buckcherry swings though Jacksonville, playing at Maverick at the Landing in down town on a Wednesday night. Not on of the best days to have a show, but they did a fairly great job at bringing in a good amount of fans.Josh Todd, and the rest of the guys Stevie D on lead guitar, Keith Nelson, Xavier Muriel

The band came out swinging with some of their hard hitting songs like lit upRescue me, and All night longYou could tell  vocalist Josh Todd was having a good time and he was feeling the energy the crowd was giving him and the band. He was getting in the groove of the songs and dancing around the stage giving the energy back to the fans.Buckcherry always give everything they got no matter what kind of venue they are in, like we said before, so much energy they are so good to their fans and always make it about them.They put on a great show and were very energy was contagious to the fans at Mavericks.Josh’s footwork as he attacks each song with precision and energy, supported by perfection from the band. Xavier exudes an energy that keeps up with the fan in his hair and is always the personable nice guy toward the fans.

The Mavericks crowd were really getting into the set as they rolled out songs like Sorry, Next to you, and Bring it on back. Sorry is always a huge crowd favorite as the whole audience would sing the words..word for word right along with Josh. After all these year..that band is as tight as they can be, and Stevie D is just a monster on the guitar, and he also knows how to put on a great show for the fans, throwing guitar pick left and right to the screaming fans in the front row.

Pure rock n roll, sing at the top of your lungs party anthems and power ballads alike. Josh Todd and company love what they do and it shows. They always sound amazing live and play all the hits as well as songs from newer albums And they rocked it out tell the very end of show with Crazy Bitch, Say fuck it and 2 Drunk and the fans showed them they appreciated all their hard work with screams and fist pumps all the way to the end.

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