[Music Review] World Gone Singles Review

World Gone is a local band hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. They manage to put together several forms of metal with their released singles. However, in trying so hard to be so complex, the band tends to lean towards more of a generic sound. These guys have a major sense of talent and still have plenty left to learn. Singles are used to draw fans into an artist’s sound, so that may explain the simplicity of World Gone’s songs.

World Gone is definitely a band that tries to show everyone that listens to them that they can in fact beat “the machine” and rise up above the hate and lies that life brings along. With songs like “Rise” and “Obey” speak highly of rising above and conquering. The music is very heavy and dark, but has a very positive outcome lyrically. These two songs are probably the most generic and simplistic musically. Some of the songs even have cryptic messages like “Beg” speaks about a girl whom has gone through a lot in her life and tries to get away from everything that comes her way. This is one of the songs that can be separated from the rest, having a more melodic and instrumental feel. “Hide” is another great single that brings a completely different feel then the rest of the songs. This song allows the listener to go back to the years of industrial metal, with electronic drum kits,hard-hitting choruses, and riffs. This is an amazing song that one just couldn’t help but to get up and headbang to.

1315576921_WorldGone-DigitalCover_sansJMFWorld Gone has some potential for sure. However, being a local band, still have a lot left to learn. These songs are only singles, so the band may have been trying to grab all sorts of fans and within time, will create something that they really want to be heard. All these songs are great. The problem is, the sound is like every other metal band that you will hear on the radio which, to some would not be seen as a negative approach for a band trying to make a name for themselves and heard in the music industry. World Gone has just begun showing the world what they have to offer.

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