Steel Panther Glams it up at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall..!!

Steel Panther PVCH-28Their sexy styling straight from Eddie Van Halen’s mothball filled garage sale and discounted box perms and the do it yourself botox kits all were the superficial queues that Steel Panther fed used to get us to delve into the gateway drug that will wet your lips expecting a 80s style Guns n Roses karaoke cover band.  The near capacity crowd was already abuzz singing along with the headliners of the May 9th’s  very entertaining show before the curtain pulled back.  Steel Panther commanded that stage with charisma and personality and slick guitar riffs and a slight touch of Adult A.D.D!

Steel Panther PVCH-16I came to the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall fully expecting a hairspray filled Glam Rock comedy show.  QUICKLY I was immersed into the the slick lyrics that roared through well manicure lead vocalist Michael Starr’s botoxed kissable lips as he had the crowd swaying and singing along so furiously that the few cellphones could keep up with the hyperactivity of Pussywhipped.  The gorgeous Lexxi Foxx laid massive baselines as he peeked behind the custom painted mirror that has his face so the audience wouldn’t be denied that beauty for a single moment.  His perfect crimped blond quaff blew like Beyonce’s hair on the set of a photoshoot.  (He flicked one of his very pretty guitar picks and landed behind my perch.  One of the 10 desirable women hand picked by Michael Starr to dance on stage used the same eyes to beg me for the guitar pick as the crowd used to silently root for her to flash her love for the band!)  The swift fingers of Steel Panther’s lead guitarist  Satchel was the bus driver that took the paying audience from fans into visitors into his reality version of MTV Cribs on acid  and won’t let you leave . His self deprecating humor that kept us all on edge and introduced this band’s failings.  But where his comedy ended his fingers began!  That poor guitar was worked harder than an ugly prostitute on the Sunset Strip on Dollar Days!   And hard drumming from Stix.  The rhythm section’s mastermind that kept your head bobbing to songs that you have heard hundreds of times, as if this was your first trip on this musical journey!
Steel Panther PVCH-27Steel Panther reminds you of that creepy uncle that everyone loves but no one will ever leave you alone with for long periods of time.  That really cool uncle came to the North Florida and left the Beach’s Glory Hole just a little happier.  Steel Panther grabbed all of our expectations and slowly licked them leaving the stench of a barely legal great time and we loved every minute of it!
The Kiwi opening act were true fans of rock music.   Like a Storm came in and blue us away!  They were very true to the art form but mixed in some surprises. Somehow they worked a diggerydoo into their set and had the crowd bobbing to thick guitar licks with an aboriginal twist.  The group has frequented North Florida venues and mixed original tunes and cover hits to properly warm the stage for the main even.
Photos and Review by James Robinson
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