10 Years – From Birth to Burial Review


10 Years

Music today is all about evolving. In this day and age you have to find the right sound for you as an artist and always keep a connection with your growing fan base “From Birth to Burial.” That is no exception for the melodic hard rock band 10 Years from Knoxville, Tennessee. “From Birth to Burial” was released by the band around the end of last month on 10 Years’ own White Horse Records. This album is by far the band’s most ambitious and unique record as of yet.

From Birth to Burial“From Birth to Burial” is all about 10 Years showing what they can do by pushing the limits of all their talents. The title track is a wonderful introduction filled with Jesse Hasek’s vocal style being heard over a simple piano piece. You are lead up to a powerful sound with Brian (drummer) and Ryan “Tater” Johnson joining in to set the perfect mood for the listener to enjoy the album. Another prime example of the mystique of this album, would be the 4th song on the record “Triggers & Tripwires”. This song immediately brings you in with a very different music and vocal style. Jesse screams in this track which is something that has been unheard of in the vocalist’s entire discography as Tater usually takes most of the screams for the band except for “Triggers & Tripwires”.

Brian and Tater really bring out a diverse library of music as they usually do in the band. However, these riffs and drums really feel evolved and mature. They can jump from being very heavy and grunge like (as in the first single for the album “Miscellanea”) to gorgeous and melodic (such as the track “Ashes”). Lyrically 10 Years has always been known for their meaningful and heart felt lyrics. “From Birth to Burial” is no different. This record keeps those same elements, but continues to add a much more poetic feel. Between the lyrics and the diversity of music, getting lost in the album will be very easy.

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