Post-hardcore group Operator delivers an unforgiving wave of thrash in their new single “Ruin” that reminds me of Every Time I Die

(May 6, 2015 – Tampa Bay, FL) – The post-hardcore band Operator delivers an unforgiving wave of thrash in their new single “Ruin”. Shot entirely in black and white, the video makes use of creative, tightly framed camera angles. The group is currently offering the track as a free download for a limited time via theirBandCamp page.

Stylistically, this song is a step closer to what we originally imagined the band to sound like,” says vocalist Chris Constanza. “It’s taken some time to actually flesh out our sound, despite having a distinct vision for it back when we started. I hope our progression is evident in this music and continues to be apparent for our future releases.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

May 7 – Valdosta, GA @ Ashley Street Station

May 8 – St. George Island, FL @ JBG Rockfest (Day 1)

May 9 – St. George Island, FL @ JBG Rockfest (Day 2)

May 10 – Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar

May 23 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Burgatory Fest

Connect with Operator:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


About Operator:

Operator is a five piece post-hardcore/metal outfit hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida. Originally formed in 2013, Operator released their debut album entitled ‘Dead Ends’ before undergoing a fairly drastic lineup change. After taking eight months for reformation, Operator regrouped with the current lineup, and released their sophomore release ‘Admission,’ in late 2014, to copious amounts of positive feedback.

With 2015’s performance development well underway, the band has scheduled tours throughout the summer as well as plans for the remainder of the year. Operator continues to execute live presentation with as much (or more) raw energy and emotion than what is illustrated in their music.

Operator will be showcasing their transitioned musical direction via the release of three independent singles, prior to the release of their third album in late 2015. On March 3, 2015, Operator released the first of the three singles entitled ‘Poison,’ again receiving immense positive feedback. On May 5, 2015, Operator released the second single entitled ‘Ruin.’ The release date of the third and final single is still to be announced.

Catch Operator at one of their upcoming shows, and make sure to stay connected with the band through social media outlets

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