STOMP Trounced the Times-Union Performing Arts Center- Presented by FSCJ Artist Series of Jacksonville

Photo by Bryan Joe Corder

STOMP – Presented by FCCJ Artist Series of Jacksonville

STOMP-3STOMP returned to Jacksonville to a sold-out crowd on Saturday night.  The twelve member performing cast started the evening with their ever playful street sweeper Brooms routine, showcasing their incredible tap dance syncopation and percussion skills, and the crowd rewarded them with enthusiastic applause.  The cast uses everyday common items such as tin can lids, shopping carts, brooms, and cigarette lighters to create music while simultaneously tap dance.  The comedy incorporated into their art was evident throughout the evening especially in the hollow pipes and stainless steel sink routines which had the audience laughing out loud and begging for more.

Each member of the cast was given ample opportunities throughout the night to bring their personal talents to the forefront and claim the limelight, allowing the audience a deeper understanding of the extreme talents brought together for this presentation.  The energy level and pure entertainment never flagged throughout the entire two hour show. Special mention to Ivan Delaforce – your drums are wicked awesome; Cammie Griffin – girl, you not only have mad talent, but an incredible attitude; Reggie Talley – the straight man and ever present; and Andres Fernandez – who always brought the unexpected.    Each of the various routines had an unique percussive instrument presented in a new and unusual manner, but several deserve specific mention such as the miners with their plastic slinkies, the amazing cigarette lighter routine, and the inner tubes with drum sticks.STOMP-34

The evening concludes with audience participation – trying to follow the hand clapping and foot stomping on cue – which of course was the most comedic routine of the night.

There is a reason STOMP has been recognized with dozens of awards, appeared in TV and movies, and was featured in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games – STOMP is dance, music and comedy rolled into a fantastic evening of pure entertainment.  Many thanks to FSCJ Artist Series for giving us the opportunity to see this amazing show.

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