POP EVIL pulls out all the stops in Tampa

Tampa Fl. March 27 2015- It was a wet soggy Friday for the Tampa area and it was no different at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheater.But a little bit of water in the parking lot and a light drizzle was not going to stop the die hard rock and roll fan from coming out and getting in line to be the first ones to hit the ticket line to get in to see POP EVIL opening up for Nickelback.

As the rock fans made their way into the venue, you can tell the a little bit a rain was not going to stop them for rocking the hell out of Tampa. Tampa was in for a treat with two killer acts that were there to give the fans a good face melting rock and roll show. You can feel the energy in the air as people to the their seat under the amphitheater giant covering over the open air venue. Then there were others that made a bee line straight to the adult beverage bar or the VIP area to prime themselves up.

The crowd settled into their seat as the venues played music over the massive speakers on and around the amphitheater. You would look up to the stage and see the HUGE banner at the far back of the stage that read POP EVIL, as the crew was getting everything set for POP EVIL to come on and get the place warmed up and the fans on their feet, and that is just what they did.

POP EVIL hit the stage running with neck flips and hair flying all over the place from vocalist Leigh Kakaty Guitarist: Davey Grahs Guitarist: Nick Fuelling Drumer: Chachi Riot  Bassist: Matt DiRito. The guys really know how to put on a show and get the fans going. Leigh really know how to work the stage as well does Matt. The band as a whole is a well oiled machine just on the verge of exploding in a good way. They are so close to breaking into becoming a headline act, they can taste it. The crowd really got into them as you can hear them singing their song back to them as they played some of their biggest hits..Like Trenches ,Torn to Pieces and Deal With The Devil, which were great crowd favorite.

Pop Evil did that what they wanted to do…The went out and put on one hell of a show for Tampa, and kick in some teeth and showed that they are one sick fucking band that can get down and rock the shit out of the a place. I think that pretty much sum up their set i Tampa. Great show guys, Keep and doing what you are doing and you will be around for a long time !

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