Pierce The Veil “Sells Out” at House Of Blues Orlando Florida

Pierce The Veil natives of San Diego, played to a sold out crowd at House of Blues on Tuesday as part of the of “The World Tour”  with Sleeping With Sirens, PVRIS and Mallory Knox. PTV is comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Vic Fuentes, Bassist Jaime Preciado, lead guitarist Tony Perry and drummer Mike Fuentes. PTV was formed by brothers Vic and Mike in 2007, have been on road to success since the release of their first album A Flair for the Dramatics.

If you have seen Pierce The Veil before, you know you are going to get high energy, in your face music as well as a softer side with a few break down song through out.You could cut the humid musky air in the pit as it swayed back and forth a the crowd know it was almost stage time. fans would scream with excitement every time the saw something behind the massive tarp that covered the stage Once the intro track “May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep” from the band’s last album began to play, the venue was instantly filled with deafening levels of screams. Pierce The Veil made their way on stage behind the curtain, intentional back-lighting silhouetting each member, and the crowd went crazy as their excitement level reached its peak. In a flash, the curtain dropped and Pierce The Veil stormed directly into “Hell Above,” sending the crowd into euphoria while shots of confetti that filled the House of Blues

. With flashing lights, guitar shredding and fast paced drum pounding completely took over the venue. The band made their way in the song “Caraphernelia,” a crowd favorite from their 2010 album Selfish Machines. With each song, the crowd grew more intense while leading up to what was arguably the most energetic point of the night with the band’s performance of “Bulls in the Bronx.”


The PTV set was filled with both new and old songs that the crowd was loving, and a couple included some guest vocal surprises. While performing “Hold On Till May,” the band was joined on stage by the lead singer of Pvris, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, who performed the female vocal portion of the song, which was originally recorded by Lindsey Stamey of Oh No Fiasco. The band then segued into an intimate acoustic performance of “I’m Low On Gas and You Need a Jacket.” The venue transformed from a pit into a beautiful chorus as the crowd sang along with front-man Vic Fuentes. The guitar blistering energy was then picked back up with the performance of songs “Match into Water” and “Bulletproof Love.”

The band wrapped up their performance with “King For A Day” featuring vocalist, Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. The HOB erupted as soon as Quinn stepped onto the stage, as they knew exactly what was coming. Confetti was shooting out of cannons, smoke machines were blasting on stage and fans were jumping to the beat while singing back the final verse “We’d rather die than live to rust on the ground” as loud as they could.

From the drop of the tarp, Pierce The Veil had the audience in their hands with wanting more, with dynamic stage presence and unmatched energy. They have a manner of interacting with their fans throughout the entire performance. Pierce The Veil grabs you the hand and take you to another place in your mind as they take  you to a journey through the night.

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